7 steps to revive a dead list

Yesterday, I shot an email with an irresistible offer.


But I shut it down due to enough replies and “yes’s”.


I’m going to just tell you the strategy.


And it’s something I will include as part of my “package” for OmniDrip.


Because the biggest problem potential clients tell me is:


“I’ve got a list of 2,000 leads, 2 years old can your drips revive those?”


The answer is always no.


Start blasting a list that big of people who haven’t spoken to you in a while — don’t know you from Adam — and it’s a sure way to kill your SMS number and email domain; where nothing gets sent or it gets violently thrown into the garbage heap to burn for eternity.


But you can do this instead if you’re in that situation:


  1. Scrap out the sold data

  2. Re-skip trace for numbers and emails

  3. Put on a cadence of calling, manual texting, leaving a VM, and cold emailing

  4. Don’t use the same email domain you normally, buy yourself a different one.

  5. Use Instantly.io for your cold email platform

  6. At the end of the cadence (3-4 call attempts, followed by cold email/text), all the non responded send a handwritten note for last-ditch effort

  7. Improve your follow-up so this^ doesn’t happen again.

I noticed that NONE of my old clients never responded to my irresistible offer.  




Says something.


If you’re still wondering if what I do is worth it, Wes Brown chimes again:


“His [Paul’s] sequences have increased my ROI 100x the cost of the sequences in my business”.

Let’s jump on a call this week to go over it. 


Paul do Campo


P.S. I don’t ever change the way you run your business (unless you ask). I just add to what you’re already doing.