A broken system = more deals

The Brazilian (my wife) is upstairs hearing me cuss at my computer screen.  


I don’t typically get mad.  


But you’ll understand in a moment…  


My system is broken.  


Tasks/questions to my team left unanswered.  


Clients left in the dark.  


And I’ve got a full pipeline of (once-happy) clients…. Starting to change facial expressions to a frown, now. 


So I’m spending the majority of my days this week, fulfilling for clients (and realizing how long it actually takes to fulfill and plug in hundreds of semi-custom messages — clocking in at 15 hours for one client (yes it’s a lot messages, they aren’t “templates” and careful with using templates as they’ll get thrown into the “gmail and carrier garbage” faster than you can send it out). 


This has a LOT to do with your deal flow and how you can improve. 


Because with ALL problems…  


It’s a great opportunity to get under the hood finally fix those leaks and kinks, and get your “machine” running like a newly built stock car.  


Here’s the takeaway for you:  


Your business has a limitation.  


And if you’re interested in growing you can ONLY grow if the “factory” of lead processing/fulfillment is tight. And all the hidden kinks are “massaged” out.  


So as I’ve been getting under my hood and fixing the leaks…  


I’m discovering all sorts of things:  


Implementing AI to move things faster (not what you think — it’s definitely NOT to create content; I haven’t found anything that creates great content yet (and I only want great for my clients, not “decent/mediocre”), Moving CRMs to make sure “alarms” for due dates are triggered, tweaking our process, removing things, etc.  


All for the sake of making every client happy with quicker delivery.   


What’s this have to do with you?  




What you sell makes no difference. You’re a factory. You get leads, turn them into deals, and then the deals get “refined” into cash. 


Each has a stage, that needs tweaking. 


And the sooner you can get under that hood to fix the leaks the more leads you can bring in.  


-Paul do Campo