A cure to scarcity

This might help you if you suffer from the debilitating disease that most early entrepreneurs have (and some business “veterans” still report having cases of “PTS” with it).  


“Scarcity mindset” is a wonder.  


It screws people up subconsciously.  


Keeping them from going past a goal line.  


Or it keeps them in constant anxiety about money and loss. 


Though I may or may not be cured 100% from it….  


I have come a very long way.  


And the “trick” I think that did it is… 


To stop giving a shit about being poor. While at the same time still LOVING money.  


Your love of money has to grow. While at the same time, your fear of losing it has to drop to near 0.  


I’m not sure how to explain it -- Trying to explain it to the Brazilian (my wife) who still suffers from a scarcity mindset doesn’t accomplish much.  


But here’s my attempt again:  


What's the worst that can happen?  


You lose your job, you close down your business, you can’t get your old job back… so what?  


You work at the nearest Starbucks or Mcdonald's to make ends meet while you build up your business again.  


THIS^ is what most people fear.  


The fear of losing some of your luxury comfort and/or what others think: “Oh look at him, he dreamt big and now he’s working at Starbucks LOL”! … F0ck em’ is what I say.  


As for you, you won’t be living in the streets. That's the truth. You’re hard working and you won’t let poverty grab you.  


But it’s a balance.  


Cause you have to: 


  • love making money... While loving the money you have. 

  • Be Frugal... While not being a hoarder of money either. 

  • Be O.K. with where you're at today financially... while at the same time desire more.

I learned all this from a book called “The Trick to Money”.  


You can get this book from this ugly long Amazon affiliate link below:  


(It’s a book I’ve read 3 times -- the first time didn’t do it -- the second time made more sense -- the third time, it clicked