A pricey offer of mass proportions

My pals over at Call Porter opened 4 spots in their "Fractional Lead Manager" service.


Here's the gist:


If you're buried in leads that are getting behind, and you've got at least $1,200 a month in a budget...


... you might want to consider this,


They train US-based people (and it's not someone off the street. They take their best from their flagship Answering service), to be someone's fractional lead manager:


  • activating drips,

  • calling, texting, emailing leads

  • Pushing people to an appointment

This is for people who have lots of leads.


And obviously, they can fit the pricy bill.


If interested, just reply back.


I'll forward you to Vince who's the sales rep.


BTW: full transparency. There MIGHT be an affiliate commission out of this for me. I'm not 100% sure, but I know we have a "they help me and I help them" kind of thing.


So if interested, just reply back -- they only have a few spots open cause its takes a while to train an LM.


P.S. I'll send one more reminder in an infotaining way.