A serious email to settle you down this New Year

Fun facts:  


*There’s only been an estimated 100 billion homo sapiens in history.  


*There are over 70 trillion combinations of potential DNA genes (potential humans). 


That^ means…  


That MOST people that can be born… will never exist! 


The chances of YOU being born in this time (and this rich safe country) is STUPENDOUSLY low.  


 (a chance of 1 in 400 trillion some say) 


You are a freakin miracle.  


I don’t mean to get all “heartfelt”, as I’m a serious marketer… however, this New Year, be grateful for the opportunity of being alive and in a place where you can do whatever you want…  


(Rather than in a time where you can easily be slaughtered by Mongolians, the Huns, the Nazi’s, Stalins, etc.) 


Happy New Year,  

Paul do Campo 


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