A simple way to keep LM’s from dropping the ball

Email: May 22, 2023

When I started in REI, I was the Marketing Director, the Lead Manager, The AM, and the transaction coordinator (oh, and the project manager when I got into rehabs).


But I dropped the ball hard early on, which cost me around $20,000+.


Here’s what I mean:


In 2015, I was green (in sales, entrepreneurship… everything; I was a knuckle dragger welder for a utility company with no experience anything except digging a hole and putting pipe together).


But, I had about 150 leads (a mix of tire kickers, and real sellers) in my CRM (and about 20 new ones each month).


So, every Saturday I’d drive to the local Starbucks (to get away from our small house with crying babies), and I’d sit it in my car, calling and following up with those leads.


But often, I’d skip people. 


I’d see “Joe the seller” on my list, and rationalize with my little hamster wheel upstairs, thinking:


“Eh, Joe didn’t seem that motivated last time… I’ll just follow up in a couple more weeks… I don’t want to bug him”. 




“I called Ms. Seller 2 weeks ago, she didn’t answer, so I’ll just text her next week…” 


Out of those 150 leads… I never got a deal. 


I constantly had my feelings get in the way of following up.


I bring this up because you and/or your staff might be letting feelings get in the way also.


… By not having a system of follow-up, the marketing/sales is at the mercy of your LM’s/AM’s feelings that day.  


So how do you avoid that?


You have a process that prevents it.


For example:


When a task comes into your dashboard for that day (because this lead is in your “Keeping it” sequence like we set up in OmniDrip)… your job (or your LM’s job), is to make a follow-up call THAT day.


Not project how they feel about it…


Not interpret whether or not it’s a deal…


Not skip it because they had a bad day today…

Their job is to call with the provided “scripts/framework” (that we provide in OmniDrip)


It’s a simple job.


But many overcomplicate it; Worrying about offending others.


And when businesses don’t have this process/system in place the results are…


… In its best case… A much more expensive cost per lead; or lost deals that are $20k paydays; or deal flow that’s suppressed and you don’t even know it.


… In its worst case… a $20k marketing budget down the crapper.


If you want to know what I mean by this — on building a system of follow-up so leads don’t fall through the cracks…


… Then check out this quick read on how investors are using archaic follow-up systems and how to dominate your competition with modern F/U strategies:  



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