A unique way to sell MF, hotels and other large project


I want to share with you something kinda neat.


I've never shared it like this before. I'm talking about some big-time direct mail packages I wrote for a yuge land developer.

So here it is... one of many but it's my favorite and put me "on the map" so to speak): Vallejo Sales Letter 




The company is in California. They had a large lot in Vallejo and they had done all the leg work to build a MF building on it. This is what they do, get all the entitlements ready -- which is the riskiest part -- then sell it off to a builder or partner up or lease it out.


The company hired many copywriters.


Including the great A-list copywriter, John Carlton (Most of you probably have no idea who he is, but he was one of Gary Halbert's prodigies and charges upwards of $50k for a sales letter like this).


But they settled with me for a bit.


And I was pumping out sales letters, postcards, and packages for them.


Craig Simpson and I (Craig Co-authored a book on direct mail with Dan Kennedy)... eventually stopped working for them (Craig actually "fired" them)... they were taking too long to send anything out (sometimes never). Then I moved on and didn't have time to do any more work for them (I have no idea where they're at now).


There was also a Vegas (right behind the strip) hotel/MFU property I had fun with.


But this is the one that I liked the best. And this is the one that sort of "put me on the map"; It got Craig Simpson's attention (who's been doing direct response mail for 30 years)... and made me their go-to for a bit (to the point where they "fired" the other writers).


Enjoy: The Vallejo Sales Letter