AI vs OmniDrip

Email:Jul 12 2023

One morning, ChatGPT came busting through my door for a challenge.  


He came in a little “aggro” with me.  


Saying that I’m not giving him a chance — that he/she/it ze/hir/hirs can write just as good long sequences as what I’ve created.


He said:


“You use me for SEO articles, research, brainstorming. Now give me and your audience a chance with drips!!”


Ok, I said, let’s do it (link below).



[End of dialogue]


The world has a big one for A.I.  


And I get it… because I actually USE it weekly (unlike people who profess to use it but only tried it one time). So I see the potential: I write a sentence or two, and it pumps out an average doc you might be able to use.  


But can AI language models really build out your drips…?  


It can.  


The question is: is it good? Mediocre? Bad? Good enough?  


Is it complete… or half-ass?  


Does it sound like a cheesy salesperson?  


Will it take hours to do?   


Well, I decided to put it to the test in this video below.  


So, if you want to see the prompting, the conversations, and the results…  


View it on your mobile phone here:  

(It’s inside an app called “Learnistic”)



View it on your desktop here: https∶//  






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