Alleged house flipping “scheme”

Latest from the news that shines some light in your REI biz…  


A Yahoo Finance story titled:  


“Miami city attorney investigated by Florida Bar over ties to alleged house-flipping scheme” 


Read through what type of “scheme” this attorney had.  


And it sounds like a normal REI operation.  


She wholesaled some and flipped others.  


The “big scheme” was this:  


“She made a large profit sometimes on the same day!!!!!”  


Oh the agony!!! Someone making money helping those who need it!  


The point of this is to protect your reputation.  


The biggest mistake this attorney made is being publicly enwrapped in a wholesaling WHILE being a public attorney.  


So what are some other ways to protect yours so you don’t end up with bad reviews, or worse a lawsuit like this person^? 


  1. Don’t trick sellers — Getting them a high offer and then bringing it down later as a strategy.  

  2. Don’t lie to sellers — showing them a low estimated value so your offer looks better. 


You can’t completely control bad reviews… but you stop the stupid actions that lead to them.  


Paul do Campo 


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