Introducing OmniDrip for real estate investors, flippers, and wholesalers:

The Easiest Way to Add Effective Custom Drip Follow Up to Your Existing System

Copy-driven messages for every stage of sellers

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  • 400+ custom messages—a wide variety of message types; built to target sellers' pain points.
  • Designed by professional real estate and e-commerce copywriter—Paul do Campo. A land flipper, former mobile home flipper, and SFR wholesaler. Now top copywriter to many brands including and Ballpoint Marketing.
  • Done for you—All sequences and messages are placed into your CRM for you.
  • 20+ different marketing sequences—that cover almost every situation and selling phase. From “Appointment booked” to “Signed with someone else” to “Fixing themselves” and much more... every situation and phase is covered so you don’t lose any leads.
  • Custom-fit for your business— A questionnaire is given to you to help us tailor the messages to your business; Your unique features, URLs, and testimonials shine.

Save thousands of dollars with OmniDrip

Copywriter, and founder of OmniDrip, Paul do Campo has charged over $7,000 to write out drip systems and copy for past clients. Today, however, he’s decided to scale his knowledge and marketing formulas using software, to bring custom messages to investors at a very affordable price: (1/10th the price of his original fee).

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Along with a free demo that shows you how to use a drip system to maximize deal flow… we’ll send 2 free sequences to try.

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(After you check out the two free sequences along with the free demo video… OmniDrip can be purchased for a ONE-TIME payment)

15 ways OmniDrip dramatically improves your deal flow without needing any more leads…


Uses persuasive messages that taps into your seller's problems, desires, and fears — Marketing (after you’ve got a lead response) isn’t only asking “Are you still in the market to sell?”. Every real seller has problems and desires. OmniDrip uses that to your advantage to create messages that bring up the pains they have, and the solutions you bring.


“Stack” your other marketing mediums — With OmniDrip we utilize your website and online presence. With that, you can take full leverage of the Google and Facebook pixel by sending sellers back to your pixelated pages and putting more digital ads in front of them; I.E. obtaining omnipresence with your seller via texts, phone calls, and digital ads.


Grab deals that fall out of escrow with your competition — About 30% of sellers that sign with another investor (because they had a higher offer) fall out and don’t close. OmniDrip will make sure you’re there at the right time to capture them, using the “Signed with someone else” sequence.


Segments your leads into “types” — “segmenting” is a big moneymaker in every marketing and business sector. The reason? Because every type of seller has a different need, desire, and problem. It’s not enough to say, “We can buy your house cash”. Because a landlord with tenants has a gnawing problem that an owner occupant or a seller with a vacant house will never understand. Segmenting targets specific types of sellers and speaks to their specific desires and pains.


Uses the amazing power of social proof to earn the highest credibility — If you’re sending messages to responded-leads... and you’re not also sending them to your website, testimonials, or social media pages... then you’re wasting time and opportunities. With OmniDrip, we send sellers to your digital assets (website testimonials, Google reviews, Social Media pages) to show and demonstrate that you’re the real deal (NOTE: don’t worry if you don’t have these testimonials yet... below, you’ll see how you can gain reviews with OmniDrip).


Persistent task automation — Automated SMS alone won’t do justice for a complete follow-up system. We need tasks for our LM/AM to manually call. OmniDrip adds automated tasks for your Lead Managers and Acquisition Managers to call at the right times.


Painlessly easy seller tracking — When a seller calls in or texts, the lead manager will know exactly where that seller is by just looking at the sequence they’re in. By just glancing at the sequence, she can instantly know if this seller is a landlord, or has an appointment, or declined an offer.


Copy-driven voice-mail scripts — Does your Lead Manager or Acquisition Manager know what to say in a voicemail? If not, OmniDrip has that covered with voicemail scripts for each specific task in a specific sequence. And the scripts are written by expert REI copywriter, Paul do Campo.


Keep follow-up organized by “Funnelizing” your lead flow — In our industry, lead flow is still a “funnel”. When a lead comes in, it can enter into many different “pipelines” in our system. And these different “pipelines” are needed to send the right message at the right time. Someone who called in cold, that’s a “pipeline” in your funnel. Someone who missed an appointment, another pipeline. All these funnels and pipelines can be automated with OmniDrip sequences and messaging.


Can integrate with almost any existing CRM — As long as your CRM can send easily drip SMS and has merge fields/token… then OmniDrip works for you. (most CRMs today have SMS capabilities with merge functions).


Be an early OmniDrip adopter before your competition — No one else in the REI game has come up with a bona fide formula for follow-up. And since this is a new product, very few (if any) in your market have this yet. Get it now, and dominate the follow-up marketing game.


Grab an extra deal or two by asking this simple (but overlooked) question — Some sellers have other properties. Well, we don’t want to lose the opportunity of grabbing those deals by going MIA with sellers. That’s why OmniDrip has built-in subtle messages to ask closed sellers with multiple properties if they have any other properties (or if they know anyone looking to sell). If this grabs you 1 deal a year just from that simple question, it’s worth it alone.


Increase your testimonials and reviews — Our business should not only be a real estate acquisition business... but a testimonial acquisition business. OmniDrip sends messages to capture reviews and testimonials at the right time.


Avoids the mistake of following up on the sellers’ timeline — When sellers say, “I’m selling in 2 months”, Inventors make the mistake of following up in 2 months (or worse forgetting about the lead). Most sellers lie about this... or if they’re telling the truth, things happen much earlier. Then another investor swoops that deal up before you do. There’s a sequence for this event inside OmniDrip, that makes sure you capitalize on those prime opportunities.


Grab deals you thought were “dead” leads —many investors walk away when a seller says: “Your offer is too low”. But then later, that same seller might end up selling at a discount to another investor anyway. There’s a sequence in OmniDrip to shuffle these “Low offer sellers” into and make sure you don’t lose a potential deal. Because you want to be there when they finally realize, “I should have taken that offer”.

Over 12 different types of persuasive messages stacked on each.

OmniDrip uses these types of messages:
“nudge”, “FOMO” (fear of missing out), personal, 1-sentence questions, benefit-laden, curiosity-driven, problem-solution, "credibility-stackers", even “typo correction”, and much more. All are designed to bring response, credibility, and omnipresence.

(After you check out the two free sequences along with the free demo video… OmniDrip can be purchased for a ONE-TIME payment.)

The Brains Behind “OmniDrip”

“A copywriter and a real estate investor have a baby…”

Paul do Campo is a former flipper (and a former welder in the pipeline industry), a serial entrepreneur, and now a pro copywriter and “arm-chair” investor. Since 2015, he’s implemented practical copy and marketing techniques in his own businesses (land flipping, note creation, mobile home flipping, wholesaling SFRs, and info-publishing)...

... and for other people's businesses including the renowned 8-figure investor, Ryan Dossey.

... and for bigs brands like Ballpoint Marketing, Call Porter, and large land developers selling (via direct mail) hotels and 100+ unit developments.

After 2 years of personally building out unique and custom drips for high-end investors... he decided to scale his formula and skillset and create an affordable solution that fixes an industry-wide problem:

... Off-market Investors who lack systematic follow-up.

Paul do Campo:

flipper, investor, top marketer and copywriter helping businesses improve revenue

“Investors are leaving truckloads of money on the table without a complete follow-up system… A lot of investors I’ve worked with operate on a “feel like it” basis, with no rules, no procedures of when, who, and how to follow up. This creates a roller-coaster effect on your deal flow and revenue. But there is a formula to great follow-up. A systematic formula that maximizes every opportunity you have with leads. We all know that deal flow happens on your follow-up. But the good news is that 60% of your follow-up can be automated with good copy and sales techniques that still bring an element of personality and credibility into your messages."

That’s what OmniDrip does for you.

It creates a “systematic machine” that stays on top of every seller, every seller-type, every phase of a seller… so that leads don’t get lost.”

“This is desperately needed in the marketplace”

- Carlos Zamora, Investor Fuse

“OmniDrip targets pretty much every type of seller and situation you can think of”

- Sharad Metha, RESimpli founder

Creating a “testimonial acquisition business” business with follow-up…

One element that Paul added to every client’s drip, is creating an automated sequence to collect testimonials and reviews. This is crucial to increasing your lead response rate and your deal conversion rate. Sellers are extremely skeptical in today’s world. They need proof and verification that you’re not just some scam artist. In Paul’s career, the “proof and credibility element” has been a huge element in selling, marketing, and making deals. And the easiest way for off-market investors to tap into this… is by asking for raw testimonials from their own sellers.

That’s what OminDrip does: creates a system of collecting testimonials on autopilot…

Adding a few extra deals from referrals…

In sales, we know that the easiest transaction comes from referrals.

OmniDrip capitalizes on that marketing principle, by asking the simple question: “Do you have any other properties you’d like to see?” and... “Do you know anyone that’s selling right now or soon?”. Understand that this sequence ain’t a magic bullet; not every seller you know has other properties they’re looking to sell, nor other motivated sellers they know…

BUT, if you’re doing 50 deals a year, there’s a good chance less than a handful of that lot... will!

Uses copy and marketing principles to pry seller problems

There are a couple of ways you can send warm SMS for follow-up. One is what’s typically done in REI: You keep pestering them every 2 weeks or so asking:

“Are you still looking to sell?”

Yes, this question is needed sometimes… but you can’t keep saying the same dry, boring message over and over again and expect good results. If you’re going to follow up with sellers via text...

... Then might as well put some EMOTION in it!

pry seller problems

“What people are saying about Paul & OmniDrip”

“These drip campaigns helped me close multiple $10,000-$15,000 assignments and a $50,000 net profit flip with ZERO manual follow up!”

Stone Saathoff

Flipper/wholesaler San Antonio, Texas

"I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate you working with us this past year or so and how much we've valued your work…”

Trevor Mauch

Founder of Investor Carrot

If you aren’t using the new drips you should be.

Nice little response on a beach house I plan to snag!

Aaron Bihl

Texas investor

Just went under contract on a lead that came in on June 29, 2021 [A full year]. This was partly because of the Drips in place [From OmniDrip]... It took a year, but it pays to follow up.


Former CPA turned full-time investor

“These drips are awesome! I just got a $17k deal right from them and got myself an easy Google review!

Mitchell Martin

Alabama Wholesaler


Paul, you're one of the best copywriters in the real estate game

Ryan Dossey

Investor, wholesaler, and serial entrepreneur

Hey Paul! I've gotten responses and others have gotten deals from them [the drips]. I think they do a great job of being Agnostic from other manual texts and conversations... They also come off genuine, instead of sent by a computer which is huge...

Josh Mclaughlin

Spokane, WA Investor


The team is LOVING the drips. Thank you for your hard work on that!"

Josh Howard

Indiana Investor, owner of "Ignite Buys Houses"

Your own unique string of messages

With our software, we can promise that no other person will have the same exact string of messages as you. Along with that, you’ll have messages that fit your business features, your positioning, and your unique URL’s inside.

You can try out 2 free sequences (without the customization), and see if it’s right for you.

Click the button below, then fill out your information and we’ll send 2 free sequences to test drive. Along with that, you’ll also get a free demo video showing you:

“How to maximize your deal flow with a complete automated follow-up system”.

(After you check out the two free sequences (of the 20) along with the free demo video... OmniDrip can be purchased for a ONE-TIME payment of $500 (or $800 for the “Advanced Marketer” version)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Who exactly is OmniDrip for?

It’s for active, off-market, single-family house investors, who are currently marketing for motivated seller leads, and working those leads AND have an existing CRM. It’s NOT a replacement for manual—”belly-to-belly”— follow up. It’s used to enhance your current business of marketing and finding off-market deals. It’s NOT for people that just started (you need to start marketing first and learn how to create your own list of sellers). Although... whatever your experience… you can always join my email list (where you’ll receive valuable daily marketing, business, and REI lessons and tips), get your 2 free sequences and demo... and decide later if you want it. Just hit the “Try it for Free” button below.

Segment your follow up

Every phase (like “booked an appt”, “contract signed”, “selling delayed”)... and every type of seller (landlord, vacant house, O.O.) deserves its own sequence. That way the message is targeted to the occasion and the specific sellers' pain points (a vacant house has different problems than a landlord).

You can see it for yourself by trying it out and getting 2 free sequences along with a demo video explaining how to maximize a drip follow-up. Click the button below, fill out your information, and see it for yourself.

(After you check out the two free sequences (of the 20) along with the free demo video… OmniDrip can be purchased for a ONE-TIME payment of $500 (or $800 for the “Advanced Marketer” version)


I've worked with many copywriters over the years, and for Paul, I can say without a doubt he's on the top list—delivering what he promises, quick response, and writes very effective copy

Craig Simpson

Co-authored “The Direct Mail Solution” w/ Dan S. Kennedy

Paul, you're a GREAT writer!

Michael Senoff

One of the worlds first podcasters

These Drips will add $100k to your Bottom line

Ryan Dossey

8-figure investor, serial entrepreneur, and coach

There are two kinds of real estate investors: Successful ones who invest the time to learn about marketing - and frustrated ones who don't and spin their wheels endlessly. Paul do Campo clearly lays out what real estate investors must know about marketing...

Ken McCarthy

“Father of Internet Marketing” - Time Magazine

Dude, you’re one of the best copywriters I know!


Forbes-Featured copywriter, Content writer at Click Funnels, Contributor at: SUCCESS magazine, Ad Week, and Carrot

Paul came to us as an independent writer for Carrot where he provided unique and customized website copy to our client base... Paul became a go‐to resource for our higher-level projects that had more unique copywriting needs... He was awesome to work with!

Janel Stewart

(Former Client Manager at Carrot)

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“How to maximize your deal flow with a complete automated follow-up system”.

(After you check out the two free sequences (of the 20) along with the free demo video… OmniDrip can be purchased for a ONE-TIME payment of $500 (or $800 for the “Advanced Marketer” version)