“Babe, you won’t be seeing me much”

Email:Jun 14 2023
Recently I told my wife this:


“Babe, you’re not going to see me much from now on for a few months. I’ll be waking early. And working for the rest of the day.”  


A new “pain” has hit my family.


A pain that has driven me to go to the “grind” (I hate using that word — but hey, it gives a good picture)


The reason I’m telling you this is because I’m 100% convinced that pain (and time) is the only driver of a transaction, a goal, and a sale. And I want to show you how a salesperson and a copywriter leverage those two things.


Let me explain…


For the last 2 years, I’ve been futting around.


Waking up when I want… working only a handful of hours a day, or less.


Enjoying life.


I’ve had goals, yes… but there was no fire in the belly.


Unlike in 2019, for me. I had a big fire in my belly — to get out my W-2 — not be subjugated to “the MAN”… to not have to ask for permission to travel the world.


And that pain got me this “neutral-drive” life


With no pain, and no drive to achieve more.


Until something happened last week (nothing too dramatic, no deaths or anything like that, more in the “financial pain” of things).


And thinking back to my selling and copywriting training, experience, and data I’ve seen…


I’ve realized you can’t make anyone buy and sell anything.


There HAS to be pain there already (the entire financial and health copywriting world is driven by pain).


I’ve noticed that in many of the biographies of great men I’ve read about.


For Arnold Schwarzenegger, it was the pain of getting out of Austria.


For John D Rockefeller it was his intense dislike of the heathen world — and his drive to prove his very first partners wrong.


For Dan Kennedy, it was his fear of going back to the poverty he experienced in childhood and as a young adult.


For your sellers…


Well, each has a specific pain.


Giving a custom solution to solving that is up to you and your ability to listen, diagnose, and prescribe a solution…


But you can USE pain in your marketing and copy (even subtly).


I’m not talking about fear-mongering.


But subtle mentions and reminders of the pain.


Like bringing up a testimonial from one of your sellers that describes a “Before – after”.


Or reminding them that they don’t ever have to dish out any money to sell their tenant-damaged house (unlike buyers demanding they get money after closing for the pet-damaged floor, the deferred maintenance, etc).


The pain is already there…


I’ve just leveraged it (subtly) with categorized sequences, and copy.


If you’re not an OmniDrip client… well I’ve given you a framework above… or if the pain of creating 400+ messages, and 20+ sequences is too much for you, you can go to the link below and have a complete semi-custom system installed:




For those already a past client, I have a few “pain-leveraging” services for you coming up:  


1. Digital lead sequence (called “DigiStopper)

2. Agent email templates (a packet of emails for you to use to gain deals from agents)

3. Email mastery for REI — how to use email to grow your REI business.

4. Land email templates (emails selling land — not your typical “Deal of the Week” templates)





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