Being an investor is one thing…

But being a start-up business owner is no walk in the park!  


I’ve operated 2 (now my third) businesses.  


All of them were successful in their own way.  


But something that still boggles my mind is how to remove yourself completely (or near 90%).  


The truth is, the first several years, you’re running the accounting, the promoting and marketing, the sales (a huge part in REI), the disposition, the little nuances like web-design SEO, contractor/employee management, the research, etc…  


And then with all that…  


You’re kids and spouse demand some of that time too.  


When I had my land company, I built departments and fit VAs into it. I had a research “department” (to research new areas). An acquisitions dept. A marketing dept (to prep the lots, and get visuals and list). A sales dept. And a note management dept — I was following the E-Myth methodology.  


The only issue is I needed US people to do sales. 


There was no way around it.  


I tried using agents to sell my land.  


That worked sometimes… But the biggest issue was most of them were lazy. They didn’t follow up.  


They saw “doom and gloom” with land saying: “These things take too much time to sell!”. But their job was easy: make calls down the list of our prospective buyers. You get a commission of 12%+ when you sell! For just making phone calls – no open houses, no meetings, no marketing! 




The reason I’m bringing this up is that Call Porter’s Lead Management service has less than a handful of spots open. 


And it costs waaay less than hiring your own full-time employee.  


If you’re boggled with all the “departments” you’re working in.  


And need to free that up.  


And you’re getting new leads every month.  


It might be worth trying them out.  


Reply to this if you’re interested and I’ll put in “front of the line” and get you directly to Vince the sales rep.  


Paul do Campo  


P.S. Their US-based, REI-trained, reps will follow up with your existing leads every day, and book new appointments on your calendar for you. So this “dept” is taken care of for you.