Bizness more painful than pulling teeth

I’m sitting in the cold dreary waiting room of a dental office with “Caribbean” type music playing in the speaker.


Waiting for my 5-year-old to get a rotten tooth pulled out from his mouth.


But that’s not on my mind right now… 


My mind is all wrapped up in all the gears of business that are turning: clients to complete, offers to build, copy to write, people to see, ads to run, staff out in the hospital…


If this were your business, it might be your sellers, rehab projects, team, cash tied up, etc… 


I’ve never been that good at compartmentalizing. 


(= The ability to put thoughts/worries to the side and focus on the task at hand)


Unlike Dan Kennedy, who claimed he could deliver a high-converting sales presentation while watching his car get repoed and it wouldn’t phase one bit. 


I’ve yet the ability to do that, I think.


But as time goes by you’ll learn little “tricks” that help.


Things like filling up your calendar with activity. Using a timer. Visualization (actually imagining putting the “worry” into a box, taping it, and putting it on a shelf — this is Psycho-cybernetics hack).


These things have certainly helped me to get down to business and do what’s important.


But what about when I’ve got leads in the system?


I’ve got follow-up to do…


Oh if only I had an automated system to handle all the….


…Oh wait…I do…


It’s called OmniDrip, and you don’t have to set it up.


As my client Yancy Forsythe, said in this video: 


“It’s working 24/7 in the background… It’s helped me close deals!” 


If you’re in a rut chasing leads…


It’s time to compartmentalize a little more with a system.


Let’s talk about it here.