Books… and tomorrow’s launch

Tomorrow starts the launch of my “Direct Mail Impact” program.  


Which are follow-up letters and postcards I designed and my team will implement them on autopilot for you.  


And fair warning… 


There will be lots of emails. Daily, and then on the last stretch 2-3. Instead of hiding the unsubscribe button (as many people do thinking it’s a “hack”), I always give people the right to say “no” through this unsubscribe link. 


For now…  


Enjoy this list of books I recommend today (my recommendations always change as I re-read or read new ones):  


Einstein - His Life and Universe (By Walter Isaacson. If you enjoy science AND  watching original thinkers go against the grain of the norm and have everyone reject him because he rocked the boat a bit) 



Rich Dad's Rich Kid Smart Kid: Give Your Child a Financial Head Start… (By Robert Kiyosaki. A big idea I pulled from it is using the Kolbe Method to figure out what type of business and investments are best for you, and of course the obvious of giving  kids a financial education)  



Trust-based Marketing… (By Dan Kennedy. A primer for injecting trust into your marketing -- which through experience and this book I’m 110% certain no transaction can move without some level of trust (for more people))  



- Paul do Campo 


P.S. The second book I thought most relevant for you, and has an Amazon link.