Boomers were right about the secks robots

An article was published called: “15 Things Boomers were right about”.  


One of them?  


Talking with humans. 


The surge of chatbots on websites and (worse) on the phone… is annoying at best… loses deals/sales at worst. Most of you investors, I imagine, aren’t yet clinching on to this “AI Mad Dash” that’s as disappointing as a Chinese knockoff Rolex watch.  


Where every email/chat/message smells and feels like a fake — No matter how “real” a sex bot looks like, it ain’t the real thing, baby.  


So bottom line…  


Get your phones answered by real people. Send personal touches. Look and feel like a real human-led business.  


We do that in OmniDrip.  


It’s not 100% automated.  


There are still human touches involved.  


For example:  


Sending out tasks to:  


1) Manually call (and we give you the script/framework on what to say) 


2) Leave a voice message if no answer (and we give you the script/framework 


3) send an immediate text after (and we give you the text to copy and paste). 


In other words: a “3-prong (human) attack”.  


No ringless voicemail (we don’t set that up. That’s the lazy way to do business and it’s ineffective).  


We have all that in (the “human element”), inside my brand new Probate sequence.  


You can get it for $280 and we’ll install if into your CRM and make it semi-custom to your business (we already have your profile on hand)!

(I’ll even match the timeline with your market’s average probate length).  


Grab the probate sequence here