Boomers were right about the secks robots

An article was published called: “15 Things Boomers were right about”.  


One of them?  


Talking with humans. 


The surge of chatbots on websites and (worse) on the phone… is annoying at best… loses deals/sales at worst. Most of you investors, I imagine, aren’t yet clinching on to this “AI Mad Dash” that’s as disappointing as a Chinese knockoff Rolex watch.  


Where every email/chat/message smells and feels like a fake — No matter how “real” a sex bot looks like, it ain’t the real thing, baby.  


So bottom line…  


Get your phones answered by real people. Send personal touches. Look and feel like a real human-led business.  


We do that in OmniDrip.  


It’s not 100% automated.  


There are still human touches involved.  


For example:  


Sending out tasks to:  


1) Manually call (and we give you the script/framework on what to say) 


2) Leave a voice message if no answer (and we give you the script/framework 


3) send an immediate text after (and we give you the text to copy and paste). 


In other words: a “3-prong (human) attack”.  


No ringless voicemail (we don’t set that up. That’s the lazy way to do business and it’s ineffective).  


To get OmniDrip into your business — like a little mini “sales army” helping you convert ghosted, on-the-fence, “tomorrow” leads for you…  


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