BREAKING NEWS!! You should tune in

As I got home from my morning walk…  


The Brazilian (my wife) looked at me and said (with a little excitement):  


“You’re one of the guest speakers for Investor Fuse Carrot’s “Follow up Panel?? I just saw the email from Carrot.”.  


“I guess so… When is that again?” I asked  




“OHH…. I better let my list know about it”  


The truth is I’m a lot more excited about it than the (slightly exaggerated) story above.  


Out of ALL their clients, friends, acquaintances…  


I got chosen (among 3 others — and one happens to be one of my first clients for OmniDrip) to give my take on FU.  


 You should REALLY jump on it today.  


(I don’t have a “powerpoint” or anything like that… I just plan on riffing on whatever questions they have which will apparently revolve around AI, SMS, whats working) 


It’s at 11am PST.  


Here are the details… 


Here’s how to save it in your calendar