Brewer was trolled

A brilliant anti-capitalist comment came into social media the other day.  


I hardly browse through social media. But I did this time.  


And found a post by Eric Brewer, the Novation King.  


 Which he said:  


“None of your problems are because of billionaires”.  




Oh my…  


… The waves of angry social media lurkers came in.  


It was brilliant.  


First, came this charm:  


“LOL are you sure?!?! Or are you just vomiting what they want you to vomit??? because you don’t become a billionaire by being a good person! You took a lot from people along the way to be there 


Then to continue…  


“funny you speak of religion in a post earlier but Jesus hated the wealthy! You have to be pretty comfortable in your entitlement to say God gave me all of this… because he actually didn’t.. you did, either by taking from other humans and not caring about their outcome or by working hard” 


Then Finally…  


“Billionaires like Jeff B and Sam W are bad people! Our CFOs of CVS and Walgreens make billions.. they are not good people.. the humans who run the drug companies are not good people!!!! They have all made money from us a taxpayers” 


There was more but the charm of this troll stood out to me.  


But she has a point.  


We DO make all our money from taxpayers.  


… Who happily exchange their dollars for something of value.  


One of the best “awe-inspiring” growth points for my business is when I read the phrase: 


“The amount of money you make is directly related to how many people you serve.”  


(Bless the troll above for serving us with some entertainment) 


It’s a simple phrase, but I overlooked it for years.  


Well, this brings me to the rub…  


The truth is, Mr Eric Brewer serves more people than most investors — even with less leads in his pipeline than most.  


 While other investors are cranking out as many leads as they can…  


Brewer discovered how to crank out more deals with what he has.  


And I’m not just — as the female troll above had said — vomiting out what they told me to vomit…  


I’ve peeled back the "fruit skin" on what he teaches.  


By working alongside one of his former partners to build out some sequences for him and learning about the different options they teach to investors.  


So here’s the deal…  


If you check out the Brewer Method course with my affiliate link below…  


… And you purchase... 


I’ll throw in my Novation sequence installed for you for free. 


(You'll have to email me with the receipt)  


If you already have that sequence, I’ll throw in my seller finance sequence (which was helped by one of Brewer's former partners).  


His course aint cheap…  


But neither is throwing good deals away cause “there was no motivation”.  


Check it out here: