Cash flow, cash flow where are thou?

Email:Jun 22 2023
Lately, I’ve had my nostrils flared open for cash flow…


Not in the sense of walking mobile home parks like I used to (maybe I should keep doing so). But more so having my ear to the local market.


And so these have “dropped” on my lap recently:


1. Laundromat owner pitched me to buy… I met the owner by pure accident. He told me he’d like to sell. Out of curiosity, I dug into it with him: Why he’s selling, his financials, his price. The business is slowing, losing customers year after year — I’ll pass. Plus, I know nothing of the business (even though he’s offering consultation with his price).


2. Real estate investor wants to partner on a new (“great”) franchise… The idea of having a business where the processes are built for you is intriguing. Though the only way I would do it is: I know 100% everything about it and the franchise industry, (talking to lawyers, franchise owners, etc), It’s near “hands off” for me, and I can get a loan on a franchise early (I have no idea, but I’m guessing it’s not too easy to “refinance” your money out).


3. Friend wants to start a niche blog… more of an experiment that can have a big cash flow upside later. But the C.F. would take 1 year plus IF we put in the work ourselves, or hire out.


I’m certainly not a “cash flow expert”.


But I’ve heard these great tips from some deep-pocket wealth moguls (that aren’t advertising their wealth on Youtube):


Don’t buy assets you don’t understand

Stick with what you know/works

Investing is a business from day one… you either know how to analyze that “business” you’re about to buy, or you know how to build it.

Investing isn’t as risky as the average public makes it… if you’re educated in fundamental analysis and that asset class.

Finding cash flow is an art of patience and urgency… You can’t be needy or force things but do have your ear and eyes constantly out for them and jump on the good deal.


So with that in mind…


I’ll probably pass on those cash flow opportunities (except the last one), unless I’m willing to jump deep into knowing each asset class.


– Paul


P.S. If you want to look for “hidden deal flow opportunities, hit me up about my sequences. I have new ones.


Wes Brown, a client said this recently after less than 1 month of using my sequences:


” i have been having good luck with your drip campaigns… responses from people that started ghosting me. For example, had a lead where she answered after the first time i called, said she was at work, told me to call at 6PM that evening.”  







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