Cheap investors have skinny kids

There’s a big difference between being cheap and being frugal.  


Frugal is what John D Rockefeller (the richest self-made man in history -- still far surpassing people like Bezo’s) did to make sure there wasn’t waste and cash could be improved.  


But cheap is when you step over a dollar to pick up a dime.  


And many are cheap.  


Case in point:  


Investors will gladly spend $300 for a new lead….  


But not toss a quarter to their existing leads.  


Which is the MOST valuable data on the planet for them. 




If you haven’t paid attention to this promo this week, I’m proposing a “new” marketing strategy for investors to add MAIL to their follow-up game (and it’s nothing “new”, and it’s proven by thousands of long-time businesses and marketers who consistently spend money on direct mail to existing customers/leads/etc).  




My new “Direct Mail Impact” Program, might be perceived as “waste”.  


So here are some facts:  


  • Adding mail can lift response to 27% (stat from Go Big Print) 

  • Over 60% of my personal yearly income is directly attributed to me using follow-up mail 

  • Direct mail has a FAR FAR different impact and feel than pure digital. 

  • People remember you when you mail them. 

  • My follow-up mail is so obscenely affordable, you might be insane if you say “It’s too expensive”.  


The cost of sending these templates is around an AVERAGE $4.50 per lead in your CRM 


(not all leads will get mail.. Some will be deals very early on… some will be tire kickers and never get mail… some will only be in 1-3 sequences and get 1-2 pieces of mail in their lifetime… some will get 4 pieces of mail from you) 


To see how this works... 


Head over to my letter below that explains it (or reply back to see if it's for you: I'll candid about whether you need or not) 


Then at the bottom of that page, you’ll find an affiliate link that sends you to Print Genie 


Order here: 


^You are subscribing to a $50 a month subscription WITH PrintGenie NOT with me. The subscription allows for automated mail to be sent out AND discounts for mail AND the ability to use my templates.  


By ordering before the deadline (Today), you’ll get me and my time to INSTALL these templates into your CRM for free.  


 Please send me an email reply and screenshot of the order when you sign up through the affiliate link above.