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Try out OmniDrip for a fraction of the price

Instead of paying $2k+ to try the 21 sequences, pay a fraction first (and that goes into the full-service price later) and try 3 of the essential ones.

(Go here if you’d rather just get the full-service w/ 21 sequences, today!”)

What you get today:

  • A $250 discount code applied to the full service when/if you want.
  • Missed Appointment sequence — 1+ years worth of follow-up with leads who miss your appointment. 7 emails, 16 SMS, and 8 tasks with voice mail/call scripts.
  • No appt made. No offer made. Owner Occupant sequence —  Your “in-between” sequence for those who haven’t even seen your offer yet. 1+ years worth. Includes 19 SMS, 10 emails, and 5 tasks with VM/call scripts. 
  • Deal Closed Sequence — The most “unsexy”, underutilized drip that can help create a business dripping with credibility… There are 2 things to ask when a deal is closed: “Can I have a review”, and “Do you know anyone else looking to sell?”. This drip leverages that.

*NOTE: NO Installation Included. These are non-customized templates. Only “Full OmniDrip Service” includes installation, customization, and CRM/business fields/URLS

What They’re Saying…

I know I have some solid buyers that reached out after seeing the persistence in our communication Lol, I don’t hate it.

I picked up a rental in Pittsburgh off a very long term follow up.

Daniel DiGiacomo

I just got a contract… [Had him] in the “Appointment Missed” drip… 12 vms and 13 sms later he responded with: “Okay. I’m ready to sell.” from the auto message: “If selling your property, we buy without banks involved. So you don’t have to wait 60 days to sell. Call me to reschedule that offer – New Day Properties LLC “. Looks like a solid 20k deal. — So, thank you for the awesome drips!

Mitchell Martin – Wholesaler, flippper at New Day Properties”

We use them daily and they turn up leads regularly for us… They’re semicustom sequences tied into specific motivations and stages of where the seller is at…

Brandon Hood – Florida wholesaler, investor, owner at Atlas Home Buyers

You have full 14 days to try our product. If you’re not fully satisfied by the results, juts write to us!

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