Digital dickery

Email:Jun 02 2023

Digital marketers should take a lesson from local investors…


In marketing masterminds, a huge core lesson that’s missed is:


… getting “in bed with your market”.  


They’re too worried about getting their funnel right, their “trip wires”, and and how big and hard their AI “tool” is… AKA: Digital dickery.


Very little about the market they’re serving; What the markets want today (or what they need but aren’t expressing it).


Go to REIA’s and it’s all about the local market reports; Especially from the local guys.


They’re rubbing elbows with the locals, absorbing their problems, and learning their language.


Here’s the thing, I know scaling is “sExY” and “nUnJa!!!”…


But if you’re the visionary in your company and you’re very far removed from client/customer/seller communication…


… How can you envision accurately?  


One of my favorite old-school late copywriters to learn from is Eugene Schwartz (at one point he was the biggest seller of books via mail in the world).


He said in an old interview I have when he was still alive, that he would routinely do these things to always have his pulse on the market:


Watches the top hit movies

Interact with the locals in his hometown

Read mags every week like Enquire, etc (his market reads these).


Yes, keep scaling…


But keep your finger on the market.


One other thing about “digital dickery” and how to cure it….


A hot market that investors tap into are SEO and PPL (pay per lead or Pay per click: Google ads, FB ads).


That type of market contains sellers ready to sell today.  




According to my friend and digital marketer Bryan Driscol, investors only convert 10% of them into deals.


The rest fall through the cracks: listing with an agent or signing with a different investor, or selling way later down the road.


So here’s the deal:


If you’re not tapping into the “digital seller” market…


Get in touch with the top digital marketer in the county below; he’s in almost every big market in the country producing deals for Investors. He operates in two ways: as an agency running your ads, or you just buy (quality) leads from him (I do mean QUALITY… as opposed to lots of the REI digital marketers who through trash leads at you).


You can check him out here: Digital leads



P.S. A drip that supports digital leads will be coming soon… For all to see, for all to use






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