Elon vs the other guy

I love my neighbors.  


But I’m going to illustrate how most people (maybe people on your team?) drag a project down into oblivion when it should have been done yesterday.  


For example, it took my neighbor 3 months to install a gutter chain… a task that takes 3 hours. 


However, Elon, for example, had an idea:  


He hated LA traffic (who the hell doesn’t), and realized that he MIGHT be able to fix it (admitting on Rogan’s Podcast that he has no idea if this idea will even work), by going underground. So with an extraordinarily fast timeline, he created a boring company.  


Momentum for ideas will fade.  


If you have an idea… and that idea grows your core focus (and/or you have a team that can steer it (like Elon has)… don’t wait. Get it going as fast as possible to see if it’ll work. Start small (Elon had to first prove to Los Angeles that he could dig a hole — so within a week he had a giant hole in his parking lot with LA administrators looking down it, approving).  


Failed ideas are fodder for you. That builds on other ideas. 


Speaking of speed…  


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-Paul do Campo