Euro branding at its best

I’m sitting here at a typical European cafe sipping on Port wine overlooking the coast.  


These cafes are almost all the same:  


Small tables outside, on cobblestone paving, with beer or coffee-branded chairs/umbrellas/tables.  


I asked around.  


It turns out that when you open a cafe, the “big 5” beer and coffee companies all fight to get you to support their brand.  


They offer free furniture and even a free supply of their goods for a bit of time.  


There’s an important marketing point to this other than to gloat about my Euro-vaca.  


6 years ago I would have “poo-pooed” branding.  


“Ehhch! There’s no room for branding in direct response marketing!”  


Today I see it very differently.  


There is something to be said about someone constantly seeing an offer, a logo, or a person.  


Even the “old school direct response kings” knew this.  


It’s called “friendly familiarity”  


And it exists in the acquisition business.  


I’m not talking about YOU spending dump- truckloads of money on getting your logo out there.  


But rather…  


… Spending the pennies to become a friend and familiar to your existing leads.  


The other day, on a podcast someone asked me:  


“Isn’t it true that ‘words sell’?”.  


I responded with:  


“I believe relationships sell. The words just help get there”.  


And a relationship takes time and with that “friendly familiarity effect”.  


If you’re not an OmniDrip user and believe in what I’m saying here…  


And you don’t want to spend the hours/weeks/months trying to build a system that incorporates this psychology…  


Then hop on this list of sequences… 


Choose the ones you’d like (or all of them to get a fat discount).  


And reply back to let me know -- I’ll send the cart.  


- Paul do Campo