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semi-Custom drip follow up messages built by the RE industry's top copywriter…

... for less than a small direct mail campaign!

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Dear off-market Investor,

If you are actively bringing leads into your CRM... Then read this letter that shows you how OmniDrip could potentially:

  • Add 6-figures to your bottom line
  • Trickle in seller reviews month after month
  • Build rapport BEFORE the appointment
  • Win-back deals from sellers that "signed with someone else"
  • And a whole lot more…

Here’s the deal...

My name is Paul do Campo — a professional copywriter and off-market investor.

And I've created a way for you to have a complete drip system that will "sell" you and your REI brand while you sleep.



Helps businesses add extra revenue (w/out the extra work) via persuasive, credibility-bursting, follow-up systems.

For years, I've helped investors, as well as 7-figure eCommerce businesses, turn their weak, incomplete, follow-up into an automated selling system winning back old leads, leveraging pain points of sellers, and making the brand/person the only trusted source to go with.

I've now compiled that knowledge, copy, and formulas together into a software that'll create your very own semi-custom—affordable—"Done-for-you" drip follow-up system.

It's NOT meant to replace manual follow-up (although we place tasks for manual follow-up inside the sequences)...

... but it is meant to have results like this one:

“These drip campaigns helped me close multiple $10,000-$15,000 assignments and a $50,000 net profit flip with ZERO manual follow up!”

Stone Saathoff

Flipper/wholesaler San Antonio, Texas

Or this...

“I just got a contract that i first text in Nov 21. 9... Set an appointment, but he canceled before I could go. Put him on the [OmniDrip] appointment missed drip...12 vms and 13 sms before he responded to the drip message: "If selling your property, we buy without banks involved. So you don’t have to wait 60 days to sell. Call me to reschedule that offer - New Day Properties LLC "... [Seller texted back]: "Okay. I'm ready to sell.", (6 months later)! Looks like a solid 20k deal. -- So, thank you for the awesome drips!"

Mitchell Martin

Flipper/wholesaler Alabama

Let me get into the meat of what makes OmniDrip work...

It starts with having goals other than "following up".

For example, a good drip system should:

... segment sellers (because landlords have far different pain points and problems than an Owner Occupant)...

... lead back to your online assets (so that you can continue marketing to them in other ways and increase your trustworthiness and credibility via having an online presence)

... grab leads AFTER the close (When fast food started asking, “Would you like fries with that?”, it completely revolutionized the revenue in the industry. Well, as investors, we too can add an extra deal or two just by asking a very simple question to gain an extra lead. Sure… it won’t mean mounds of extra revenue, but how would you like to add on extra leads from 1 automated question?)

... be copy-driven (copywriting has been around for over a century; measured, tested, and formulated. Words matter, might as well use them the right way)

... “pre-sell” appointments (after a seller books an appointment, there’s still some “selling” to do. The seller is still skeptical of you and not sure what to expect. So, we send content to them to help build credibility and remind them of that appointment and what to expect, making life slightly easier for your AM (acquisition manager).

... collect testimonials (every great business has an automated (or manual) follow-up that asks, “How was your experience?”)

This is just the tip of the iceberg on what a good F/U should look like.

However, most CRMs and their creators... Don’t know the principles behind good marketing and copywriting.

So the results are F/U templates that have zero direction, zero goals, and zero persuasion.

But, since there isn’t an affordable F/U solution for off-market investors (besides the available boring templates or paying thousands of $$$ for a copywriter to write unique ones for you)...

... I created a solution.

It’s called:


Semi-Custom text and email messages inside up to 20 sequences targeting almost every seller situation and type so leads don’t get lost.

So, how’s this done...? Without spending an arm-and-leg on a personal copywriter (let alone the most expensive copywriter in the RE niche that charges $500 per email)?

[WARNING: here’s the slightly boring stuff]

How I am able to give you a semi-custom system without you paying thousands of dollars...

... Is very simple actually:

I created a software and a bank of various messages with hundreds of variations. Messages for local investors, for those that buy with tenants (and those that don’t buy with tenants), for those with testimonials (and those without)... messages to fit almost every type of investor. The answers you give the questionnaire (after you purchase) dictate which pathway of messages you’ll receive. The software pulls together different variations of those messages. It’s also built so that no other person has the same string of messages as you.

Because of that, I can scale myself as a copywriter and not have to charge thousands of dollars per delivery of a unique follow-up—when unique is not what you need as an investor.

[End of boring stuff]

Here’s what you get if you order today:

  • More than 240 SMS semi-custom messages—with a wide variety of message types: simple questions, warm thank you messages, FOMO (fear of missing out) messages, nudge messages, 1-sentence messages, feature/benefit-laden messages, pain-point/problem messages, typo correction messages, and much more.
  • Designed by a professional real estate and e-commerce copywriter—who was also a former land flipper, mobile home flipper, and SFR wholesaler. Now an “arm-chair investor” who spent the last 5 years helping clients dramatically multiply annual revenue inside the real estate, software, and e-commerce niches.
  • 20 different marketing sequences—that cover almost every situation and selling phase. From “Appointment booked” to “Signed with someone else” to “Fixing themselves” and much more... every situation and phase is covered so you don’t lose any deals.
  • All sequences and messages are placed into your CRM for youNo messing around with editing, switching out merge fields/tokens, or wasting time copying and pasting. We do that all for you.
  • URLs and merge fields/tokens instantly placed—no need to go through every message changing out merge fields/tokens. All your URLs and CRM fields will be input instantly for you.
  • 91 tasks and 69 voicemail scripts—automatically assigned to your lead manager or acquisition manager depending on the sequence. Keeps your staff organized with leads, and adds manual follow-up to your drip.
  • No one has the same string of messages as you—with our proprietary software we can arrange multiple variations of messages to give you a unique string of messages that no one else has.
  • Fit to your business model—you’ll be given a questionnaire with specific detailed questions that’ll help create your messages for you. Whether you’re an agent and you want that as your brand, or you communicate being local or 100% virtual… Whether you buy with tenants in the house or not…. Whether you pay for all closing costs— we fit your specific investor-features into your OmniDrip messages.

Who’s This NOT For...

This is for off-market single-family house/land investors, with a CRM, who are actively marketing for leads.

It’s NOT for someone just starting out — (that person has a lot more to learn first than building systems just yet).

It’s NOT for someone who doesn’t market directly to sellers — (it doesn’t matter how you’re marketing, as long as leads are entering your system regularly).

It’s NOT for someone who doesn’t have a CRM (that can send auto SMS and emails) or a texting/email platform — (The only way OmniDrip works is if you have some sort of platform that can send automated emails and/or SMS).

What others say about OmniDrip and its creator…

“There are two kinds of real estate investors: Successful ones who invest the time to learn about marketing - and frustrated ones who don't and spin their wheels endlessly. Paul do Campo [Creator of OmniDrip] clearly lays out what real estate investors must know about marketing...”

Ken McCarthy — Ken McCarthy

“Father of Internet Marketing” - Time Magazine

“Paul, you're one of the best copywriters in the real estate game”

Ryan Dossey — Ryan Dossey

8-figure real estate investor, serial entrepreneur, founder of Ballpoint Marketing and Call Porter

"I wanted to reach out to let you know how much I appreciate you working with us this past year or so and how much we've valued your work...”

Trevor Mauch — Trevor Mauch

Founder of Investor Carrot

I’ve gotten many responses and others have gotten deals off it in our group [CCF Mastermind Group]... I think they do a great job of being agnostic of other conversations so it doesn’t confuse the seller.. And they come off as genuine instead of being from a computer which is huge!”

Trevor Mauch — Josh McLaughlin

Washinton Investor & Flipper

“These drips are awesome! I just got a $17k deal right from them and got myself an easy Google review!

Mitch Martin — Mitch Martin

Tennessee Investor & Wholesaler

“If you’re not using these drips [OmniDrip], you should be… snagged myself a real nice response for a beach house”

Aaron Bihl — Aaron Bihl

Texas flipper & Investor

“Because of your drips, I just got a positive response from a lead who’s ready to sell. And I haven’t spoke to him in 5 months!”

Dylan Thomas — Dylan Thomas

Pennsylvania Investor & Flipper

"I've worked with many copywriters over the years, and for Paul, I can say without a doubt he's on the top list—delivering what he promises, quick response, and writes very effective copy"

Craig Simpson — Craig Simpson

Co-authored “The Direct Mail Solution” w/ Dan S. Kennedy

“Dude, you’re one of the best copywriters I know!”

Mike Blankenship — Mike Blankenship

Content writer at Click Funnels, contributor at Forbes and Success Magazine

Things to consider before buying:


These messages are for off-market investors only.


There are no revisions—Because this isn't a personal 1-on-1 copy job where I charge north of $5,000 per copy project, we cannot offer revisions. However, once delivered you can: 1.) Make revisions yourself. 2.) Ask for a different variation (only can be asked once). 3.) Ask for a different "branding" (can only be asked once). 4.) Ask for a refund (before your 30-day guarantee expires).


We guarantee that no other person has the same string of messages as you.


If you order and decide later (after the 30-day warranty) that you’d rather have a different type of branding… We can change your follow messages for you, at a heavy discount.


These are NOT unique messages but semi-custom to your business.


A copy of your messages will be delivered in a secured Google Doc.


There are no refunds once work is done and your documents are delivered. Please revert to our samples to see if my style and voicing are to your preference.


A questionnaire on the next page must be complete in order for us to deliver custom messages.


**The number of messages will depend on your CRM. Each CRM is different and may not have the full amount of functions for all of OmniDrips formulas. However, regardless of your CRM, we will deliver the most complete Drip follow-up sequences that your CRM can hold. If it’s not possible with your CRM, we will immediately notify you and fully refund you.**