“Foreman ‘j-rking us off’ as usual huh!”…

Email:May 21 2023

This was said by the commentator right before the greatest heavyweight boxing match of all time.


Now, I’m not much of a boxing follower… but this story struck me.


Cause it shows an amazing business lesson in how strategy embarrassingly whips that pants off tactics.


In 1974, the older worn-down Ali fought the young hard-punching (undefeated) George Foreman.


Foreman was favored to win 4-1.


He was stronger.


A much harder hitter.


And a mean S.O.B.


Ali was in trouble.


He know that if he went in with his usual punching tactics he’d get killed.


So he came up with a different strategy…


… to frustrate, tire out, and outlast the heavier Foreman.


That was the strategy.


So then he developed tactics to support it:


*Keep distance (to avoid Foreman’s knockout haymakers)


*Irritate Foreman with right-hand lead punches (didn’t hurt Foreman, just irritated him)


* Perform his dubbed “Rope-a-dope” (A strategy to cover up, leaning against the ropes, taking a fury of (useless) punches — ultimately resting while Foreman is exhausting himself)

* Taunting him (Saying things like: “They told me you could punch, George! “…Which pissed off Foreman even more, having him throw more useless wild punches)

*Train aerobic and endurance hard (before the fight, Ali spent a deal of time training his endurance — while Foreman spent the time on his typical training: strength and punch power)

*Out clinching him (Ali laying his weight on Foreman, and pushing on his neck tiring him out further)


By the eighth round, Foreman was gassed.


So Ali pounced on the opportunity, knocking him out with a fury of combos and hooks where Foreman was too tired to block or counter.


The point of this is to demonstrate strategist winning the game.


Yeah, tactics directly won the fight.


But the tactics came from the winning strategy.


And when tactics don’t match your strategy (or there’s a lack of), a whole mess of things happen


For example:


… Trying to be a reputable house buying brand in your area, while using less reputable lead gen tactics.


… Trying to create stable (less management) cash flow assets, while buying war zone properties.


… Sending 500 mailers a month in a market where the CPA is $7k+

… Trying to build a relationship with your cash buyers list, while never contacting them.


Anyway, I see a lot of “mismatch” between tactics and strategy. More often than not it comes from just hearing about a tactic that’s “crushing it ” from some one else in a mastermind or podcast and then implementing with fail.


Without thinking and asking:


“What do you I want”?  


“What’s the playing field?”  


“What am I up against?”

“What do I need to win?”  


On a final note:



“A great strategy can outpace the fast-paced tactician any day”  


– Paul


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