Give your business some Hart

At first, I didn’t think this book would be great. 


But it was recommended.  


And, man, there were some amazing lessons, tips, and real-world peek into what the life of an early-stage entrepreneur looks like.  


I’m not really a Kevin Hart fan (more of a Dave Chapelle and Bill Burr guy)…  


But this book, “Can’t Make This Stuff Up”, had some powerful business lessons.  


So here are some business and life lessons I pulled from its sac:  


  1. You’re never above others— As Hart started doing comedy tours around the country (this is PRE-famous), he would still book shows at the lowest clubs. Any public exposure is good, even if only 10 people showed up.


  2. Collect a list and follow up with that list — Because Hart was broke and desperate he had an idea: Whenever he went to a new club/event, he collected names and contact info after his show. That way, when he was in town again, he would manually text, call, email, and ping on social media that entire list to come to the show. He built his audience and fame this way. For you investors — don’t neglect your network and list. It took Hart 4 years to get somewhat famous. Building relationships/lists takes time.


  3. Get creative when you’re broke — There’s something to hustling while being broke. You start to do things that others won’t. Har, for example, owed $400k to the IRS and he was making pennies doing comedy shows. So he did two things: Set up a booth in the back of the comedy venue after his show, to sell photos with him and the fan for a couple of bucks. Then he set up “after comedy” parties at local clubs. Bringing people from the show to a select club. He negotiated with the club to get 30% of the revenue he brings. — For you investors: use what you got to get what you want.


  4. Drag some oomph and life into the conversation — Hart wasn’t really good as a comedian (he was ok) when he started… until he got rid of the made-up comedy skits and brought his own personal life into it. People started connecting… Lesson for you when networking and selling. It’s ok to talk about stories and yourself. Bring up stories. Stories not only sell… but they connect (that’s why they sell).



Alright, those are some lessons from the Hart…  


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Paul do Campo