Giving their mailbox the “D”

Email:Jun 23 2023
I don’t like being an “affiliate hoe”, but I thought I’d share this postcard I helped create.


We pushed for a bigger size, more stand-outish to hit their mailbox with more “power”.


Hence the subject line ^ . Which was initially for the guys I helped create the postcard with, but they thought it was a bit much…


… Not for me though!


I’ll use the “D” when I can.


Anyway, the card is a limited quantity. If you want to try it out this summer, stack it with calling/texting, use it for niches list or big lists, or for your farm area that hits your radio coverage (whatever suits your fancy)…


Head over to my affiliate link here and check out these badboys  


OmniDrip, 111 N 7th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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