How to cure being forgotten by sellers

Digital-only marketers scoff at this…  


They laugh at it saying:  


“The data doesn’t show it!”.  


They’re talking about direct mail.  


And they’re right for the most part (except a stat I explain below).  


Cause when it comes to direct ROI, digital beats direct mail for more people.  


But you don’t think that Google, ClickFunnels, Dan Kennedy, and other marketing giants thought about this?  


There must be something to it. Cause all of these^ mentioned giants USE direct mail.  


Far from what most people think… they’re^ not 100% digital.  


They pay the hefty price of mail.  


Behind the scenes… where if you’re lucky to have made your way to a seminar or get your hands on an audio….  


You’ll hear explained why direct mail creates the biggest ROI for them.  


And it’s not directly measurable in most cases (except one case which I explain below).  


Guys like Russel Brunson, and Dan Kennedy rather have their assets (books, logo, swag, etc) sitting on a customer's shelf than a PDF version sitting BURIED somewhere in a digital inbox, never to be seen again.  


That’s one reason why they’re not easily forgotten.  


Unfortunately for investors…  


… sellers easily DO forget them! 


Even with SMS, Emails and calls being sent out.  


So here’s the cure to that…  


A cure that can increase the response rate of your digital follow-up marketing to 27% (This is a stat that the print shop “Go Big Print” has found)...  


It’s found in a packet of follow-up mail.  


That goes out to your existing leads.  


And fits different buckets…  


And it’s not your typical “I want to buy your house” mail -- this is WARM mail.  


Here’s the gist of this offer:  


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The cost of this is minuscule compared to what you’re paying for new leads.  


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