How to gain lightening speed results while moving like a turtle

The other day the Brazilian and I finally got the kids in bed before 8 to sit down and watch some TV.  


We watched “Live to 100 - Secrets of the Blue Zones”.  


And one of those secrets to living longer is SLOW living.  


Which is the exact opposite of the entrepreneurial “spirit” (though it just looks like it on a shallow level). 


Entrepreneurs like “speed”:  


“Speed to lead.” 


“Money is attracted to speed.” 


So we’re always busy working away. We’ve got a million tasks. We’ve got to get busy on them.  


But the Blue Zones (the areas with the longest-living humans where genetics don’t play a role)... 


Live extremely “slow” lives.  


 So are we knocking out years from our lives by consistently working?  




So I found a solution for us all.  


The “merger” idea between entrepreneurial speed and slow living for life span.  


It’s really simple.  


It’s working on ONE core idea at a time.  


Yeah I know…  


… Your business has to run. You can’t just work on one thing.  


But I’m not talking about your day-to-day operations.  


When it comes to building or growing your business... There’s always 1 main core idea that’s more important than all the others.  


Here’s a real-life example…  




When they started their one core question every day was:  


“How many new free subscribers joined up today?”  


That was their main core “metric”.  


Then, the next one was:  


“Referrals from existing members” -- “How do we get more referrals from existing members every day?”.  




Right now it’s conversion.  


“Have I added conversion elements into my business this week?” -- AKA: case studies, testimonials in the right places, different channels for world-building, etc.  


THIS^ type of thinking… growing one thing at a time, is the “secret” to FAST results while living slowly.  


Nothing else matters…  


Here’s an example for you: 


Right now it could be lead gen (because you lack deal flow - You can’t control deal flow but you CAN control what you do to get leads). 


So you might have an action plan to load up leads in your pipeline each week. And the ONE metric that matters most is: “How many leads did I get this week?”. 


Or it’s scaling (cause you’ve got too much on your plate, and you need help - you don’t have problems with deal flow, you have problems with growth because you’re doing it all). 


So it could be: “What system/process am I designing this week?”.  




Those are my thoughts.  


If you’re “one thing” right now has anything to do with deal flow or scaling…  


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