How to make heaps of cash with low response rates

It’s true…  


You can make a flourishing business with very low response rates. 


Case in point and true story:  


The late great Gary Halbert who’s considered — in every marketing circle even by Dan Kennedy himself — the greatest copywriter AND marketer known. 


He would pull in the greatest response and purchases from one direct mail piece.  


But then there was this little ole copywriter that no one knows who would "compete" with Gary (I can’t even recall his name because he’s not well known at all)...  




This little-ole'-copywriter-that-no-one-knows made MORE MONEY than Gary per direct mail campaign.  


They would mail similar offers and products… Then Gary would SMOKE him in response (direct buys from that letter)... yet… the little-ole'-copywriter-that-no-one-knows would still make more money than Gary.  


(Maybe you see where I’m going with this, and even if you do still keep reading as I tie this into real estate.)  


A similar phenomenon happened with a friend and a long-term client of mine.  


This friend received a "WHOPPING" .6% response rate on a postcard campaign to find sellers. 


Some would think that’s a failure.  


But he pulled several deals from that response… and his overall cost per deal was $3,000.  


That’s a huge success.  


Let me get back to why the above guy (I still can’t recall his name but let's call him “Joe”) smoked Gary Halbert in revenue even though he got killed in response rates…  


And you might have guessed it already, but “Joe” developed a back-end system for creating more repeat purchases from his weak measly response.  


He was much more patient than Gary.  


And therefore, created a BUSINESS rather than just a one-time campaign.  


And many investors are too impatient to develop a system (or a business) and always look to the one-time campaign as a measure of success.  


So it leads me to this…  


That friend above is selling a part of his “system” to investors today.  


It’s only a part.  


Not the whole shebang.  


But it’s a really good offer IF you have a $2k budget.  


Here’s what it is…  


You order 2,000 postcards of the cards he uses, below…  


And you get a US-based answering service to answer your lead calls for you for free (which is a part of his “follow-up machine” -- he also uses a version of OmniDrip; not the newest and improved version, a VERY EARLY version before OmniDrip was created😉) 


You get to try this answering system at no extra cost for a month.  


They’ll answer the lead phones 24/7 in YOUR name (as if they’re your personal assistant).  


And book appointments (if they’re qualified) on your calendar. 


… They’ll even call on your web leads in less than 8 secs after filling out the form.  


If this interests you,  


Head over to my affiliate link over here 

(This^ link takes you to a case study with the product inside)



- Paul do Campo 


P.S. I have no idea how much I get paid a commission which I don’t think it’s much nor if it’s tracked properly, but it’s a good offer that I thought I’d share while I get my Direct Mail Impact program ready for you.