How to walk into a REIA with big “stick” energy

… Or any group, mastermind, club, etc.  


And it’s advice dished out by one of the greatest pirate actors, Robert Newman, in the original Treasure Island.  


Who said this in the 1950’s movie:  


“Appearances matey… Appearances!”  


That’s all we have.  


The impressions you make.  


And if you’ve problems weighing you down or struggling, don’t let them see you in pain.  


Or else, that turns into pity, and you smell of misery.  


And hardly anyone wants to do business with that kind of person.  


There are of course “mindset” lessons.  


But not the woo-woo type.  


An actual psychological on: 


When you lift your head, pull back your shoulders, and walk with an upright spine it sends you messages to your brain that you’re someone 


And when you feel that^ way, others believe it too.  


So appearances matey, appearances! Cause that’s all you’ve got. 


Now speaking of appearances…  


I’m coming out with something for all OmniDrip customers…  


I’ve realized this:  


  • Most of you aren’t getting my updated material.

  • You have no one in your corner making sure your emails/sms are being delivered, and links work.

  • And you’re not “keeping up with appearances” by switching content that matches market changes.

So I’m coming out with a program that does this.


If you’re interested let me know.


Paul do Campo