I bailed on my wife during anniversary


The Brazilian and I are celebrating our 13th wedding anniversary.


And what I did (or more accurately what I didn't do) is a lesson to selling, marketing... and just about any situation when you need/want something. 


I put together a nice gift; a letter with a picture collage to woo her. 


But I left something out in the letter: 


A call to action, or an "ask", or a "what happens next" phrase. 


Now, obviously, this type of situation doesn't always demand a "what's next" context...


But it got me thinking about all those calls with potential JVs, partners, sellers, etc... that end up getting lost later on.


Where nothing happens afterward.


And usually, it's because it ends on a high note.


... With no "what's next".


I try -- with almost every conversation -- to find and communicate what the next action is.


If not...


What almost always ends up happening is the conversation gets lost; goes nowhere; and the other party forgets (and that's okay if you only want to chat, or there's no business agenda).


So I'll keep this email short...


(Since it's our anniversary and all, and we're actually gearing up to head to Portugal for a month)


And I'll end this high note and close on what's next...


You've already got OmniDrip in your system...


What's next is DIRECT MAIL CTA's.


Adding impact (with a cta), to your overall conversion.


It costs little and my team can add my designed copy and mailers into your system for a low cost.


And that mail (that's CTA-riddled) will send for you on autopilot.


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