… I can’t believe I’m doing this…

I said while posting one more happy-go-lucky social media post this morning. 


“Feeding pearls to swine!, Bah!”  


(My^ reaction in the past to being on social media).  


But things have changed.  


And I’ve discovered something new (in the stats, and from other marketing pros) that I’ll be implementing for my OmniDrip clients as well.  


Something simple but big.  


For years, I’ve spent avoiding social media like a Hobbit (from Lord of the Rings) avoiding a hunger strike.  


Thinking: “I have to act ‘social’…?!?! That’s not me. I’ll pass”.  


But, here I am now, putting on my “social hat”, and posting away (and not as much as I plan to soon).  


So why?  


A couple of reasons (and reasons for you if you want to attract more motivated sellers): 


  1. The data is in: Free organic content on social media directly boosts paid advertising/marketing results (More on this below)


  2.  More free content grows your warm audience and gives you more opportunities to reach out (cold or warm) for new leads.  

On the first point…  


The stats, my peers, and others are saying the same thing:  


Paid marketing without the free content gives you subpar results in your paid marketing.  




So that’s one of three reasons why I started getting all “social butterfly” on the platform.  


(Specifically Facebook)  


And it’s something I intend to do with my OmniDrip clients (more like a Done-with-you service. Where we help (not do it) boost their social media presence just for the sake of boosting response from all their other marketing (paid and follow-up).  




Every time I add new components like this^ I raise my price (sometimes dramatically). In January, I was just shy of $2,500. Now it’s shy of $3,500 and plan on going to $4k very soon.  


My goal is $5k — (because at $2,500 it still brings in results like this one below; so what’s $5k vs $2,500?!) 


Here’s another review:  


“Paul, I just want to tell you that OmniDrip has crushed for us. I just put out a case study on a deal we made $12k on, and I have 10 other deals just like that, that were put on your sequences…”  

-Adam Whitney, Florida 


So every time I come up with a new improvement (swapping out old stale content/copy with better ones, adding strategies, removing copy for 10dlc sake etc)… I raise the price.  


This isn’t a “scare” tactic more than it’s friendly nudge for those that are on the fence. 

You can get the price today while It’s still low, by booking a call with me here… 


(And yes, if you sign up today you get all the future improvements — this is something new I’ve put together for new clients)