I refused his money

Email:May 03 2023
I want to talk about a concept called the “One Metric that Matters Most”.


In business, we have a ton of KPI’s we have to monitor. But in YOUR phase of business, what’s the ONE metric that matters the most.


There really is only one… not 5. Not 10.


And it’ll be different for each business/investor and each “season”.


Let me explain:


Yesterday, I got an irate prospect reach out and say:  


“I don’t want to opt in to your site… I just want to know the price…! I’m a ‘lets get down to business’ guy.”  


After a couple of exchanges, I refused to cooperate and he was upset and never opted in.


And I get it… It’s frustrating having interest in buying something but not knowing the price (In which I purposely DON’T have a “price page”).


When I created my site and my business, I decided on one thing:


I won’t operate like most SaaS services and vendors.




I created a website that’s just one BIG ASS long sales letter … (Most sites have a very “navigable site”, with lots of options to click — Good for SEO; not great for response. See mine, there’s no other page for them to navigate minus the contact page).


I don’t sell the service on the site … (I instead sell the email opt in. Unlike other services that have ways to buy on site)


I don’t display price… (How can someone make a decision about my service without having proper presentation. My price would scare most people if they just think its “drip templates”…. It’s a lot like the house buying business: You can’t be waving your 75% offer-price to sellers without proper rapport-building, presentation, and value-building.


Email will be my “warm” game… (Most services have no personality-driven email style. I think that’s a mistake. I’ve seen first hand (by my own hand) how personality driven emails for DRY boring ecom style businesses grow revenue)


My number one goal for this website was to build an email list.


That’s been my “One Metric That Matters Most”:  


Email growth.


Not Sales.


It’s counter intuitive to most people’s thinking.


But sales has been directly proportional to email growth (for me).


And then I can grow a far more valuable asset — a list — that extends a hella of a lot farther than just the “product/service”.


As an investor, what’s your “One Metric”?


If you’re starting…


It might be offers made: “How many offers did we make this week?”. “Did we reach our target?”


Once you get to the point where that’s not an issue anymore and you’ve systemized that…


The next “One Metric” might be Average profit per deal: “Have we hit our average? Can we increase it by doing xx?”


Or if you’re a smaller investor like me: It might just be cash flow.


The point is…


Fixate on one goal (Pick a CONTROLLABLE goal; for example, you can’t control how many deals you make, but you can control how many offers you make).

Choose the metric to monitor it (for me that’s email growth).

Don’t let people veer you off that goal and stick to your guns (like the many “buyers” who contact me about price and refuse to opt in — I ask for 1 simple “exchange” first: opt in. If they can’t do that for whatever reason, than we can’t do business.  

Speaking of improving KPI’s…


If you’re in a stage where you want to improve a metric like “profit per lead”, or Cost per lead…


Than you might want to consider a robust follow up system that doesn’t let leads fall through the crack no matter your staff.


Check out one here: https∶//www.reiomnidrip.com/checkout-13/  




OmniDrip, 111 N 7th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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