I was attacked

Email:Apr 06 2023
… By a cyber rat trying to steal my info.


It was a brisk sunny day in Coeur D Alene, Idaho and while on my afternoon walk I got a flood (3 people) of contacts reaching out about my website link not working.


Apparently, someone from Eastern Europe was trying to access my site and take it over; accessing critical things like bank info.


Fortunately, I’ve paid for a somewhat expensive team to host my site.


And they set up some auto security that quickly “smelled the rat, shut the doors, and smoked him out”.


The point of this…


You often get what you pay for.  


If I went with the cheapest “hosting” on the block my site would be hacked, I would have been permanently shut out from my own site, and those that need help vamping up their follow-up wouldn’t be able to find me.


As for what you pay with me…


Well, it’s fortunate my site is back up…


Because I just raised my price.  


I’ve been talking about doing this for a while now and it’s time.


Because a $1,400 price point, vs a $2,000 price point makes no difference in getting results for you — and you shouldn’t care either with those two price points, because if it saves you a $20k deal (over and over and again)… it was well worth the investment (regardless if it’s $1,500 vs even $5k (hint hint: my possible target price in the near future 😉 )


Like my client Mitchell Martin.


Who said (I paraphrase):


“Looks like it’ll be a nice $20k deal [from the “no appointment sequence”]  


And Brandon Hood who said:


“We’re turning leads every day with these drips”  


Or Josh McLaughlin who said:


“Hey Paul! I’ve gotten responses and others have gotten deals from them [the drips]”  


If you’re on the fence, you can save $450 now (and possibly $15k+ deals later)


By using this coupon code “Old Price ” here: https∶//www.reiomnidrip.com/checkout-14/  


P.S. Podio users get charged an extra $200 — It’s just the nature of things (Podio just takes more time and labor from us because it’s different for each client)…

So if you’re a Podio user, use this:



P.P.S. The discount code expires this weekend.


OmniDrip, 111 N 7th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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