“I’ll stick with bare minimum, thank you”

Here’s a little look into your competition…  


I’m now on social media. All the cool kids say to be on it; that’s where I can help grow my business they say… and so… here I am.  


And one little post in a group stood out to me.  


He asked:  


“I have a probate list… should I cold call them or mail them?” 


I thought: “Why not both…? Or go even further: Call, mail, email, show up at the door, and find on social media and DM them.”  


“Oh but you can’t do that… that’s not what everyone else does” 


This isn’t a marketing lesson but rather a work ethic lesson.  


One of my regular reading habits is to have one biography of a great person on my desk.  


And every one of them had something in common.  


They would do things that most average people say are crazy.  


Take Sam Walton — probably my favorite autobiography so far — when he heard of a new retail store that was doing really well, he’d go out and drive hundreds of miles, overnight to check it out for himself and learn from it. He would find out about a manufacturer that’s having a great deal on an item, he would go drive hours in his little beat-up station wagon and stuff how much he fit into the car and drive back… one story was he drove for hours with women’s lingerie completely stuffed in his car where he barely see out the window.  




It’s in my (righteous) opinion that most won’t do what’s needed. And rather stay stuck in mediocrity.  


(Just on a complete side thought: A good way —that I’ve experienced— to get a fire to the belly is to have to eat from the deals you produce. Not a great feeling — and it is risky if you’re inexperienced — but you’ll do what it takes.)  


So that’s your competition.  


… And so here’s another way for a leg up: 


Follow-up sequences that’ll outbreak your competitors 


Paul do Campo