It’s finally here for investors…

The Most Effective Marketing Technique Used By The Most Savvy Marketers On The Planet


And I’ll get it Done-For-You — set on auto pilot — at an avg marketing cost of $4.50 per lead in your CRM! 

Companies and marketing savants like Google, Dan Kennedy, Frank Kern, and Clickfunnels’ Russel Brunson all exploit this strategy to the hilt…

NOTE: This is direct mail to existing leads. Not mail to plug into a brand new list you haven’t spoken to.

Dear friend,

Here’s something bizarre: 

Investors routinely spend heaps of cash on new leads (upwards of $200-$500 per)… 

… But they let their own data Rot to hell!

And once data rots, it’s too late. 

Because it’s near impossible to bring back life to leads you’ve neglected… 

Most of them have completely forgotten who you are.

(1-2 phone calls and 2-4 texts, only, is almost never rememberable; never impactful

Paul do Campo, creating marketing impact for his own and investors’ businesses

So let me get straight to what I’m talking about here… 

Cause contrary to what most believe… 

Marketing giants (like Google, Russel Brunson from ClickFunnels, and Frank Kern himself)… 

… Aren’t telling the whole truth! 

They aren’t 100% digital marketers. 

Try it. 

Do business with any of them. 

And you’ll get mail sent to your house. 

Yeah I know… 

You were expecting some kind of biz-bang wizardry trick? 

But “wizard” marketers actually keep things very simple: 

Because they know that the statistics are in their favor.


A cost that clocks in at an extremely low avg rate of $4.50 a lead.

That’s literally 1.5% the avg cost that investors spend on ACQUIRING leads! 

At that cost, it’s INSANE to not add this marketing technique to your repertoire. 

And I’m not just regurgitating then vomiting out some piece of info I heard once… 

I’ve done it myself.

To the point where FOLLOW-UP MAIL has contributed to 60% of my recurring personal income today.

I’m also not here pretending to be a “direct mail marketer” either.

… I’ve written direct mail packages selling hotels and large MFU developments (like this letter )…

… I’ve built a land flipping business on the back of mail (and email), where I enjoyed a contract rate of 1 (good) contract per 700-900 mailers (often I get 3-5 contracts back but some of them were “junk” property)….

… I’ve built a good size influence along with a hefty personal income — where I don’t need a “job” —  from following up with individuals via direct mail…

… And I’m the “secret” go-to copywriter for top print shops including the famed Craig Simpson who co-authored a book with Dan Kennedy…

He^ said this about me:

“I’ve worked with many copywriters over the years, and for Paul, I can say without a doubt he’s on the top list—delivering what he promises, quick response, and writes very effective copy”

Craig Simpson,

So enough of this build-up…

I’ve created a packet of follow-up mail.

Not one of those “7-sequence postcards” to a cold list.

Or those plain “I’ll buy your house” letters. 

These are mailers specifically for leads you’ve already spoken to. 

… They relate to the “bucket/stage” your lead’s in… 

… They Thank your leads for their inquiry…

…They remind your lead of the cash offer you sent and much more.

(Follow-up mailer when someone misses an appointment — The other side is a “Have you seen this offer” milk bottle them — to see more of these mailers watch this quick video)

All this adds layers of impact.

And keep you unforgettable with your existing leads — among a red sea of shark investors!

(This mailer gets sent when a lead fills out your web form but never responds back — To see more of these templates go here.)

How to order

How it’s done is really simple… 

I’ve partnered up with PrintGenie. 

… (They are one of the few direct mail companies that can send one-off mailers). 

… (And one of the few that have the technology to have automation in your drips). 

… (And one of the few that allow me to design custom mailers). 

So here’s the deal: 

Sign up below with my affiliate link. 

PrintGenie will charge you $50-$100 a month to have the ability to automate direct mail, and plug the mail into drip sequences in your CRM.

Plus, use my link below and…. 

  1. You’ll unlock my direct-mail templates

  2. I (my team) will add them into your CRM for you (**Non-OmniDrip clients will have to get on a call with me, Paul, to take a look inside their CRM and see where to fit these templates — And as long as your CRM can send direct mail in a drip )

FAQ (please read before buying)

  1. Should I go with “essentials” or “pro”? Go with “Pro” if you have more than 80 leads per month. OR if you want to create your own mailers.
  2. What are you charging? Nothing. Just sign up using my affiliate link and you’ll get my templates.
  3. Does your team add them to my CRM for free? Yes ONLY IF your CRM can accommodate direct mail in a drip. If your CRM doesn’t BUT has an open API, we can build it with Zapier *at an extra cost of $200*)
  4. Do I need to be an OmniDrip customer? No. But, if you’re not a past OmniDrip client, you’ll have to schedule a call with me so we can see where the templates fit.
  5. Is this for auto drips or large blasts? Either one. Ideally for drips. You plug them into your CRM’s drip sequence and it fires off for you.
  6. How do I get your templates? Once you order, please send me an email at [email protected]. We’ll send you a complete list and instructions on how to find the templates inside PrintGenie.
  7. Will this work in an auto drip for any CRM? No. Some CRMs don’t have the ability to send DM in a drip. In order for this to be used in an auto drip the CRM has to either A.) Have “webhook” capabilities. B.) Have direct integration with PrintGenie. C.) The CRM must have an open API where you can create a Zapier (**FYI we do not build your Zapier for free if this is the case**)
  8. Which CRMs do you know of allow for sending DM in a drip? To name a few: Investor Fuse, REIBB, Follow up Boss, Podio (if your developer has added it), Hubspot, Go High Level,… there are more I just haven’t investigated fully — they will need either: Direct Integration with PrintGenie, Webhook function in drip, or an open API with full functionality to build it in Zapier (we’ll offer help to build this for you IF there’s a way to do it)
  9. Why is there a monthly subscription with Print Genie? Print Genie is one of the ONLY print shops that can send ONE-OFF mailers. You’re paying for the tech ability to plug it into your CRM for auto-marketing and the ability to create your own mailers (if you go “pro”).

Sign up below, and get started with IMPACTFUL Direct Mail Follow-up:

(NOTE: You are signing up for a PRINT GENIE subscription (an outside 3rd party) where I have my follow-up mail housed.
A $97 a month is recommended for those who have more than 80 leads a month. Once you sign up, PLEASE send me an email at [email protected] to start inputting your mail into your CRM…)

1  *27% response rate is when you combine digital with print; data taken from Go Big Printing who have sent close to a billion pieces of mail.