Impatient investors have skinny kids

Email:Jul 31 2023
[Hat tip to Zig Ziggler’s famous saying]


Imagine this…


A world with no internet, no phones.


And you’re a new life insurance salesman.


You don’t do all that well so you pray for a solution.


Then zaps into your mind an answer:


“It takes multiple touches these for people”  


But you rebuttable “the voice” with:


“How am I supposed to do that? It’s 20 degrees out, there’s snow and sleet and it’s at least half a mile between houses!?!?… Plus I’m impatient. Aren’t there hot leads now?!?”  




I don’t have a solution for the hungry salesman who has to trek through the snow…


But I do have a case in point about “multiple touches”.


Here it is:


*Personal clients I work with, on average see a sale after 4 months (and we’re “touching” with multiple ads and emails).


*A good friend and probably the top email copywriter educator in the business sees sales of his courses after 120+ emails (he’s emailing daily, so what’s the math on that?).


*When I was in the land business, I saw on average buyers on my email list respond (buy) after 3-4 months seeing 3-5 emails per week.


Fortunately, direct-to-seller homebuyers have an advantage…  


They sell a solution to a dire problem: when someone needs to sell in 2 weeks.


This^ is what keeps them afloat.


So this might be a “natural” pitch to OmniDrip…


But alas…


I instead came up with a solution for the struggling life insurance man above.


You see while writing this, I realized he doesn’t have to venture into the blizzard to accomplish his “multiple touch” campaign.


He might not have internet to send emails, or a cell phone to send texts…


… But he can create “little salesmen” in the form of a letter.


In fact…


Direct mail (for follow-up) has been the sole reason why I’m writing to you today.


(It’s the reason why I only work 20-25 hours a week, and make 6 figures a year self-employed, owning a business, with some notes I own)


Direct Mail used for follow-up has been key for me and others.


And I’m not the only one blowing my pipe around here.


Dan Kenney says the same.


… That it’s outrageous to think that we spend heaps of cash on buying leads but close to NOTHING on the leads we already own.  


So I have a solution for investors.


Something that is “uncommon” in REI, but it’s found in little “salesmen” that’ll go out for you into the blizzard and make these multiple touches to your existing leads while you sit by the fireplace enjoying your eggnog.


I’ve created direct mail follow-up templates.


It’ll be available sometime soon (when I finish up the page).


It’ll cost you nothin’ from you to me (for now at least).  


And current OmniDrip clients will get my team to install them for you into your CRM (IF your CRM allows for webhooks. Currently, I know that FU Boss, IF3, Go High Level, REIBB, and Podio (if your developer built it in) can do it).


For now…


While you wait…


You can have us add in custom sms, email, and a script “salesmen” into your CRM built by an REI copywriter…


Go here:  









OmniDrip, 111 N 7th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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