Inside Conversations with Chris Chico

Maybe you’ve heard of him…  


But I considered him one of the best coaches in the business when it comes to virtual wholesaling.  


And that’s because he still runs his own wholesaling business — one of the few RE coaches that still do.  


The reason I know is cause I spent some time texting him back and forth.  


He was interested in OmniDrip — we met earlier this year at a mastermind and had some "coffee conversations" during the event.   


But he never pulled the trigger with O.D (OmniDrip).  


The biggest reason:  


Too much of a PITA for him and his team to switch systems right now, and he’s dealing with other fires internally. 


(though I don’t think he understood that using OmniDrip doesn’t mean switching anything but adding a layer of advanced auto-marketing -- which is as easy as pushing a couple of buttons for his team)  


But I 100% understand.  


Switching the way you do things is a huge PITR!  


It’s still why I use a clunky cart system, a caveman CRM, and a difficult affiliate program.  


It’s why, when running a land flipping business I was stubborn about the CRM my team and I were using -- even though it was wildly expensive.  


So, the LAST thing you want to do is utilize my brand new direct mail and start sending mail every month and teaching your staff how to operate it….  


OH ... WAIT...  




Cause we plug it in for you.  


And you never have to touch it (except for activating follow-up sequences like you SHOULD be doing).  


And it cost a measly AVERAGE of $4.50 per lead to follow up with your existing leads USING mail.  


Grab your Impactful mail here: 


P.S. NOTE: Understand that you’re signing up with PrintGenie. Subscription means you get to use their automated webhooks and their price discounts.  


Only by signing up with my affiliate link above, you’ll get access to my templates PLUS my team adds them to your CRM.  


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