Investors chasing the Maui Fires — and taking a stance.

The other day I did a presentation for the Deal Machine mastermind.  


Specifically on email marketing.  


Which is my specialty.  


However, I made a grave mistake that you should heed, and has a lot to do with these Maui fires. 


I taught something I don’t believe in, nor do: 


Cold email.  


I wanted to give them “vAlUe”.  


So I sneaked in a little tactic for using B2C email as an investor.  


But I was tripping all over myself.  


And they can smell the hypocrisy.  


Since I just got done saying “b2C email is technically illegal”.  


I bring this up because as we speak there are “storm chasers”...  


… Investors sending mail to homeowners who were caught in the Maui Fires.  


One print shop I know, put a stop to this.  


And said:  


“We’re not processing any mail that’s being sent to Maui until further notice”.  


Whether you think this is right or not is not the point of this.  


The point is this: 


The easiest way to be ignored, to be overlooked, and never considered…  


… is by taking neutral stances every time.  


And not believing in SOMETHING and taking a public stance with it.  


Why does Elon Musk get much more media attention than Jeff Bezos?  


Because Musk takes strong stances and positions verbally.  


Now, it’s more than likely that your homebuying business won’t be going on TV media (well some of my clients do have local TV media attention)...  


But it’s something for you to consider next time you have a position in life.  


It can be as tiny as my position on Cold SMS and Cold email….  


Or a recent client who will list the house instead of buy it if he believes that’s the best option for the seller.  


Or someone who says: “I won’t storm chase”.  


Whatever it is, these makeup good fodder for presentations (that can help you build your referral network), TV media for PR and credibility to sellers, ads, and everything in between.  


Speaking of stances…  


One stance —albeit not a controversial stance — I take is using direct mail for follow-up.  


I think it’s insane for investors to spend truckloads of cash on new leads but no money on their current data which rots if you don’t nurture it.  


And so, I’ll be launching my “Direct Mail Impact” program here very soon.  


Stay put  


-Paul do Campo