It’s 2024 & everyone has some sort of mental illness 🤷🏻‍♂️

Everywhere you look, scroll, and read it seems everyone is yapping about having some sort of mental illness.  


Or having troubles from their past — parents didn’t coddle them enough, Parents didn’t believe in them, etc.  




They don’t know what real mental struggle is.  


If you want to know what real mental obstacles are… pop in the series “Love on the Spectrum”.  


My oldest son is on the autism spectrum.  


And they have real obstacles that a-typical people have no idea about.  


They can’t “learn” their way out of it (their brains literally can’t).  


And they’re very intelligent. Enough to fully understand and see that they’re a little “different” than everyone else, but they can’t fix it. My son has BIG dreams (and I mean big) to become an inventor. And not just any inventor, but the world’s most famous inventor, with the largest tower in the world, and he wants to help the world with technology.  


I know he can do it (and most importantly he has 100% confidence he can)…  


But he’s got some hard obstacles to overcome that most people can’t understand (and here are a-typical people who are 100% capable but too afraid — after years of being isolated on social media —  to get on the phone, sell, promote, etc… and they call it a “mental illness”. Prrhffffff.  


But don’t get me wrong…  


They’re amazing humans and bring something special to the world no a-typical person can (Talk to someone with it and you’ll know what I mean).  


But don’t look at them with pity. 


Don’t call it “suffering” (they’re not suffering).  


They don’t want that (nor does it any good).  


The point of this is this:  


(… For whoever needs it or after I’m long gone for these data bits to be sent millions of light years into space for some possible alien to read and slap him/it/her around a bit).  


Stop bitching. Stop the pity party. Stop complaining. You’re more than capable.  


Now that we got that over with…  


If you’ve got leads, but you don’t have time, organization, or means to follow up… 


… You know what to do… Meet me here.