Keeping a business bursting with lead flow

As I was walking through the local Coeur D Alene fair -- a fair they hold once a year at lakeside that takes up the entire downtown plus more...


I noticed some booths that were packed with people, and others were a little empty.


People were mainly selling all kinds of forms of art, jewelry, and trinkets.


But the "full booth" effect reminded me of an old marketing principle:


"The Full Parking Lot Look"


Translation: A perceived "popular" look in your business brings in more people.


People have practiced this to the point of paying people to park their cars in front of their store/office.  


I doubt that these booths had this marketing principle in mind.


But when people are clamoring around a booth, it leaves some curiosity to see why.


But if you can't fulfill on that curiosity...


And you're just another booth selling cheap trinkets like everyone else...


Well, you get the idea of what happens after.


The point:


Fulfillment (good delivery, keeping sellers updated, fixing problems, following up, etc) IS marketing.  


You can't neglect this^ part of business.


- Paul do Campo


P.S. Adding an appreciative thank you card into your "marketing flow" to leads and sellers is a great way to keep you in their memory, close the deal later, and get you a testimonial and possibly referral (and it costs like $1 - $3 to send one out).


P.P.S If wondering how to Practice the "full parking lot" effect in your business here are a few ways:  


  1. Have a "wall of testimonials" of REAL sellers and GOOD testimonials on your website

  2. Have a full calendar (This is just for looks -- don't book cash offer appointments 2 weeks from now).

  3. Email/advertise often (the more they see you show up the more they believe you're popular and well-known).

  4. Send your buddies' deals to your cash buyer list (Ask your wholesaling friends if you can share their (good) deals to your cash buyer list).

  5. Don't show up on social media so much -- (the "guru on the hill" gets paid far more than the peddler that's everywhere -- this obviously applies more to coaching and info publishing).