Kids say the darnest marketing

Email:Jun 26 2023
While at the Coeur D’ Alene, ID, Ironman competition I witnessed some very smart marketing tactics from some 7-year-olds.


Past the huffing and sweating Ironman runners — who just got done swimming 2.5 miles in the lake, and biking for 11 hours — I saw a lemonade stand.


But they weren’t selling lemonade.


They were giving it completely for free.


“That’s nice,” I thought.


Then I spoke with the dad, who I know.


He told me that they decided to give free lemonade instead of charging because people give tips that are 10x more than what is a reasonable charge.


In one hour they made $200+ on tips (They’d have to sell 100 lemonade cups to make that much).


That’s not including the add-ons of bottled water, and granola bars which they do charge — in which they always ask: “Would you like bottled water for $2?”


Those clever little heathens…


But alas… nothing is new under the sun.


I remember now, the old “Try It” marketing/copy/offer tactics of the ’30s that Claude Hopkins spoke about it… and the 80s/90’s newsletter packages insisting on “trying it first”.  


Because the principles of selling and marketing don’t really change — i.e. read “Influence”.


And the strategy here is that (typically) people are less resistant to getting something for free…


And then — in these young darn marketers’ case — after receiving a gift, people are more inclined to “gift back”; hence the $10 tips.


AKA: the law (principle) of reciprocity.


(Though I’ve seen this law work much better face-to-face than on the web)


But it gets me to the rub…


It’s a copy technique I use for OmniDrip and any other copy I write that’s pertaining to sellers…


“Try our offer”.


“It doesn’t hurt to try it… to at least SEE what we’ll offer you”.


The goal?


Get them through the door into our world.


Where the selling continues… and we have more commitment from them.


Lesson to this: The first “sale” is to try.


– Paul


P.S. The next lesson for those kids should be what they DO with that money to generate wealth… but that’s for another time.


OmniDrip, 111 N 7th St, Coeur d’Alene, ID 83816

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