List rot

Gremlin #3 (my son Johnny), is into pirates.  


And one interesting thing I learned is that pirates would splash a bit of rum into their barrels of water.  


Because freshwater “rots”.  


Well, this got me thinking.  


Cause in direct response marketing lists rot just as well. 


Even those that are considered “fresh”.

There's a concept in marketing called of RFM.  


"Recency Frequency Monetary". 


Which means:  


… The more recent you send to a list…  


… The more frequently you send to a list…  


… And the more money the list spends…  


The more valuable that list is.  


The last one doesn’t directly apply to you as an investor.  


But the others do.  


Often, I get OmniDrip clients who want to plug in their old dried-up leads into the drips and hope for the best.  


Unfortunately, it’s too late.  


The leads are as stale and rotted as the stale water barrel without rum -- where drinking that water can cause death.  


Well, I want to give you the “rum” to your “water”...  


... The cure to a list going stale.  


And that’s following up with them using mail EARLY in the conversation.  


And I have several mailers for each “bucket”.  


And we’ll plug them into your CRM (as long as your CRM can do it) for you as long as you buy from my link below before the deadline.  


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