Little Santa came back, asking for help…

[Below, I’ve got a new Probate sequence for you]


Here’s an interesting (after) Christmas story I’ve got to report on…  


This morning I heard a noise in our living room.  


I stumbled out of bed, heavy from all the sweets and drinks yesterday. I peeked out and lo and behold I saw a tiny odd-looking figure by our tree, rummaging through our stuff.  


“Hey! What are you doing?!?”  


I ran to him to get a better look.  


And this strange elf-looking thing says: “I’m Santa’s helper! The other night when Santa and I were delivering presents to your house, I saw all these great marketing and business books. I saw that you have your own business and that you invest. So I decided to come back the next day and read some of them and ask for your help. You see, I’d like to start my own business selling toys digitally, and also invest. But I don’t know where to start. Can you help?”  


“Sure thing”, I said, “But listen up and listen well to these five tips…”  


  • Shoot the nice guy and don’t let him get back up” — You know, like most people I’d guess, you’re suffering from “people pleasing. But now, you can’t play nice in bizzness. I’m not saying to be a jerk or an a-hole. But to stop “People pleasing” which creates timid salespeople. And as they say: “Timid salespeople create skinny kids”.  


  • Cash is king — You know, real estate preaches cash is trash (and there’s some truth to that sometimes). But with business, you need cash, lots of it. And if you don’t have it you need to create some creative situations to get it (or get the resources needed – bartering, exchanges, etc). Everyday, wake up with cash in your mind, and how to get more of it (AKA: how to make more sales, how to find more deals, how to make more offers, etc). 

  • Don’t mix drinks — As they say, with alcohol, you don’t want to start mixing. You mentioned you want to invest AND sell toys. Put investing to “sleep” until you build a cash machine out of your business. You can’t do both until the other is all grown up and “out of the house”.  


  • Don’t get lazy and start “scaling” too early — I’m guessing you’re probably the hardest-working elf. You can’t hope that another elf will take over a department and everything will be fine and dandy. No, that’s when things go wrong: They “forget” to ship to order, build the toys, ect. Set up processes (checklists, docs, a “flow chart”) on how you do things, and then set up reporting so nothing gets left behind.  


  • Don’t forget the Christmas cards — It’s that time of year, and it’s a good reminder to be constantly following up. Following up with vendors, old prospects/leads, new leads, partners, etc.  



Speaking of following up…  


I’ve got a new Probate Sequence. 


It’s “State of the art”, meaning a lot of time and thinking went into it. Where 3-4 extra articles were created for it so it’s more upfront with information, and less “selling” and more value and showing up. 


If you’re interested, just reply back.