Maxim of Bizzness

The book, Napoleon’s Maxims of business, though its a war manual is riddled with business advice.


One such is this:


“If an army and artillery are inferior to the enemy… don’t take general action… Rapidity of movement and soldier morale are your greatest allies and win battles.” 


Most of us are “inferior”.


We don’t have the man power to get every project/deal/idea done.


So 3 key points to “winning battles”:


  1. Don’t take general action... (Instead of being focused on one thing, smaller companies are doing everything and all times. If the entire company (and this includes you “solo” guys) understands this is their “one thing” right now (read the book “One Thing” to understand what the hell Im’ talking about) you can get a lot more done with a lot more impact.

  2. Rapidity of movement… From my days in Kung fu my Sifu would say it’s not about how fast you are it’s about how fast you get there. Too many details and tasks for an idea/project slow you down to getting to a goal. People seek perfection rather than getting to a goal, fast — then they lose “moral”.

  3. Morale… Enthusiasm is the greatest “selling” tool. But it grows weaker as time goes by. Napoleon would boost moral of his armies by having them win smaller battles before a big one.


That’s all for today…


-Paul do Campo