Morning routines are overrated

I woke up this morning “On the wrong side of the bed”.  


Had a rough night of sleep.  


And was in pain from hard BJJ training last night.  


So I decided to sleep in an extra hour and a half.  


Which made me skip my typical “morning habits”.  


And you know what…  


People spend waaaay too much time on this “morning routine” trend.  


Or to “tackle” their day, They have to get their 1 hour of breathing plus meditation, their cold plunge, an hour of exercise and yoga, their journaling, and their smoothies. Then to top it off, in the middle of the day they do some sort of visualization and meditation, cutting off more hours.  


Then 3-4 hours go by and they haven’t gotten any REAL work done.  


Are people’s past that fooged up that they need to spend this^ much time on themselves?  


As the late, great, Gary Halbert (known as the best copywriter and wrote the interesting book “Boron Letter”), said:  


“Movement beats meditation”.  


Here’s my morning routine:  


  1. Immediately drink my water 

  2. Do my daily posting, email 

  3. Get to work on my “One thing” of the day — usually revolves around revenue-producing activity 

  4. Then start my morning routine of exercise, etc.  


Once I get #2 and #3 done, I don’t have anxiety for the day.  


I finished the things that matter for the day.  


Most people are NOT in the stage to have this long-tailed morning routine of self-realization, exercise, manifestation, etc…  


They need income. Or they have a big goal. 


Don’t avoid that big goal. Do it first thing in the morning.  


Paul do Campo