My Ai book

I mentioned in the past I hired an Ai expert to create a book for me.


I've written and published (ghostwritten, and authored) many books.


So it wasn't a decision based on lack of time or can't do it.


It was more of an experiment.


Cause the more I use AI content generation the more I'm disappointed by it (except for ONE use case)... But I try to be open-minded, and thought maybe it's just me and I suck at prompting it (even though I've tried multiple things).


And although I have a lot of respect for the person who did this -- he knows his stuff with Ai and he's a brilliant copywriter and consultant himself...


I was more than UNDERwhelmed with the end piece.


I can't use it.


Even if I tried.


It would be more frustrating trying to edit it and mold it to what I want.


So if you're interested in seeing it...


... Here it is. 


For Ai generated content, I've come to these conclusions:


- It (sometimes) helps writers produce faster content (only content that is filler content, or they need to improve a small hook or something).


- It helps people who just suck at communication in general (speech or written), produce SOMETHING... which is better than nothing.