New – 5 spots left

This’ll be quick…  


My pals over at Call Porter opened up 5 new spots for the “Fractional Lead Management” service.  


If you’re getting new leads every month… 


And you can’t find any time to work in your business…  


Reply back and tell me you’re interested.  


I’ll introduce you to Vince (the sales rep) directly — you’ll bypass the whole “sales process” on their website and speak to Vince directly.  


Call Porter is a US-based REI, call center. They only use their top reps for this position — reps that know that industry well.  


They’ll work for you, making calls, following up, and booking new appointments on your calendar.  


If you’re wondering about the cost?  


Well, I’ll put it this way…it’s cheaper than a typical mailing campaign, and when you spread out the cost on your existing leads, you’re paying waaay less than acquiring new leads. 


Well worth it if you’re running around with every hat on your head.  


Reply back and let me know, I’ll make the quick intro and you can get all the info via email from Vince.  


Paul do Campo  


P.S. This week I’m promoting this until they’re no more spots